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Helpdesk IT – What is it?


Helpdesk support jobs are highly responsible jobs that require specific practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Customers choosing to use such services can count on comprehensive technical support and assistance in solving problems related to the proper functioning of IT infrastructure (operating systems, application support, software updates). But what does a helpdesk service consist of?

Support IT – What is it?

A helpdesk / support IT is a department that provides information and assistance to customers within a company, including resolving current problems, finding solutions and responding quickly to reported technical issues. In the IT industry, the term refers to maintaining the reliability of a company’s IT infrastructure, largely involving remote or personal technical issue resolution.
The main tasks of a helpdesk employee include:

  • Diagnosing problems reported by users,
  • Providing information on topics of customer interest, such as specific software or systems,
  • Creating reports on errors,
  • Installing and configuring software,
  • Monitoring hardware security,
  • Offering support in the use of equipment.

Remote Helpdesk

Such service is provided remotely by qualified specialists based on available and developed documentation. Depending on the terms negotiated with the client, remote helpdesk can be either single or permanent assistance.
The service is dedicated to a wide range of customers, starting from small companies with several employees in one location, to multi-branch companies with offices, warehouses and representative offices throughout Poland, Europe or the world.

Local Helpdesk

This service is provided by an external company at the customer’s premises, at any location in Poland. Local helpdesk is carried out by an expert at a time agreed with the client. The specialist’s tasks can last from an hour to a whole working day, depending on the occurring problem.
The service is dedicated to both small and large organizations.

Support IT- summary

Helpdesk is one of the key services provided in the constantly evolving IT industry, since the efficiency of the system depends on the speed of restoring proper operation of devices, applications and even entire networks in case of any technical issues. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a company that will tailor a package to your individual needs and at the same time quickly solve all IT problems.


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