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Server administration

Server administration is a key aspect of maintaining a secure and efficient IT environment. Professional server support allows you to ensure their constant availability and quick response to any problems. Server administration involves a range of tasks, such as license management, software configuration, systems upgrades, performance monitoring, regulatory compliance, and backup. This requires not only solid technical skills, but also communication skills, understanding of company needs and current trends in technology.

Server administration in your company

Do you focus on the dynamic development of your business? Probably one of the most important elements affecting the efficiency of your company is the IT system. It depends on its efficiency, among others, the effectiveness of customer service, data processing, order processing, internal document flow or inventory management. The basis is therefore professional server administration, both Windows and Linux, which is not a simple task. Do you want to be sure that the IT system used in the company is resistant to failures, properly secured, and at the same time efficient and tailored to your needs?  Take advantage of the  knowledge and experience of the team of experts employed at Lizard today. We will take on all server maintenance and management responsibilities, offering you IT administration services at a competitive price.


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Cooperation with us in the field of server administration does not have to raise concerns among your employees about the stability of their employment. Even if the IT staff will be reduced, you will definitely find other business tasks for them . By entrusting us with the management of the entire infrastructure, you will not have to call your subordinates at night or in the middle of the weekend.
Do not wait, contact us and use the services today. During the conversation, we will be happy to present the full range of the offer, which we will immediately adjust to individual needs.


We have an experienced and competent team, we have the authorization of our partners, suppliers and vendors, we know what we do.


It is known that if something is to fail, it will be when others are asleep and we are awake. We provide services in such a way that it is comfortable for your business and at the same time provides quick access to services and engineers even during an unexpected failure.

Zero failures:

If you trust us, you will check for yourself that our administrative activities and effective monitoring reduce the likelihood of failures. We are supporters of the thesis that we want to guarantee continuous operation of the system and not its continuous repair.

Update difficult topic

Having an educated and experienced team, there are no difficult topics for us. We have procedures and know how to update server and network systems.

Server administration for business


administracja serwerów

Windows server administration

Want to make sure your Windows server is always efficient, reliable, and secure? Thanks to cooperation with us, you can be sure that this will happen. We are a certified Microsoft partner, so we always use the best technological solutions. The administration of servers placed on the system of this manufacturer has no secrets from us. As part of the offer, we will deal with, among others:

  • configuration of all server services ( DHCP, WWW, FTP, VOiP or databases),
  • installation of the necessary software, including antivirus, responsible for automatic backups, for communication, proxy, firewall and much more,
  • professional configuration of the file server,
  • constant network monitoring,
  • implementation of solutions reducing the vulnerability of IT infrastructure to cyber attacks and failures,
  • manage network access levels and create individual user accounts.

Please note that with our server administration service, you also get access to round-the-clock technical support. Lizard specialists will be at your disposal at any time of the day or night. Each customer receives  a guaranteed, very short response time to a notification related, among others, to a failure. With such server care, you can be sure of the continuity of the company’s work. At the same time, access to the support of professionals makes it easier to modernize the IT system and adapt it to the constantly changing needs and standards on the basis of which you operate.

If you use Windows servers in your company, contact us today. We will accurately present the scope of services and certainly positively surprise with an attractive price for their implementation. It doesn’t matter if you manage your hardware locally or opt for modern cloud technology . We also have extensive experience in remote administration of Windows servers.

obsluga serwerow

Linux server administration

The performance and reliability of the server is influenced not only by the components that make it up. The amount of memory, the speed of  processors or the speed and capacity of hard drives are important, but you can not forget about the system. Today,  various Linux distributions are very popular.This software has many significant advantages, which include,

  • less vulnerability to viruses and cyber-attacks,
  • lower consumption of hardware resources (the software is “light”, thanks to which it is characterized by high performance),
  • a lot of modern programs and services dedicated to server management,
  • availability of the system on free licenses.

However, on the other hand, a certain disadvantage of this solution is more difficult administration. Installation of individual packages and configuration of the entire server require appropriate knowledge and extensive experience. Lizard specialists know perfectly well how to properly prepare such a system for work.

Remember that our company never works in a conventional way. For us, the customer is always the most important and we are well aware of the fact that the specificity of the work of each business is different.  We conduct professional audits, thanks to which we get to know the needs of the entrepreneur and implement tailored solutions in accordance with them. The administration of Linux servers in our release is

  • launching all necessary network services,
  • installation of necessary software, including backup software,
  • configuration of the Linux system, regardless of the type of its edition,
  • monitoring of server resources and the entire network.

Remember that this is only a small part of our capabilities. Lizard is a team of people with passion and many years of experience. Our employees know perfectly well how to ensure that the technologies used by your company meet the highest expectations. We administer both local Linux servers and those in the cloud. We are flexible, guarantee a fast response time to each request and at the same time offer competitive prices.

Server administration - do you have any questions?


Benefits of server administration

The certainty of an efficient, always well-configured and secure server are not the only advantages resulting from cooperation with our company. Customers using administration services can also count on many other benefits.

Save money

Employing administrators is associated with very large expenses. Each subsequent person is the need to pay a high salary and organize an additional workplace. In the case of an extensive IT infrastructure, management requires from a few to even a dozen or so such employees.
Thanks to cooperation with Lizard, your cost will be one, fixed subscription fee. You will spend less per month than if you maintain several additional jobs.

Administration of servers locally and remotely

Today, more and more entrepreneurs are moving away from maintaining Windows or Linux servers in their own headquarters. This generates very high costs. The problem is not only the purchase of equipment, but also the creation of a large amount of space and the installation of an efficient ventilation system for these rooms.
We are observing a growing interest services in the cloud, i.e. remote access to server resources. Our company can take care of the administration of each of these solutions, both local and remote. For us, there are no barriers limiting the possibilities of administering IT systems.

Round-the-clock service 365 days a year

Do you run a company that works continuously? You don’t have to  worry that a server failure in the middle of the night will have to wait until morning. Our administrators are in constant contact with customers.We guarantee express response time, regardless of the time and specific day of the week.

Remember that professional management also means reducing the risk of future failures. Thanks to Lizard, such situations will  certainly occur much less frequently, and if they happen, our response time to them will be express.

Services of people with many years of experience

Paradoxically, the problem of many professional network administrators is the lack of experience. They often work for years in one company, managing only specific servers. This means that they are not ready for unusual faults. The guaranteed response time is significantly longer if the person does not quite know how to solve a given problem, coming to it by trial and error.
Lizard employees deal with the administration of Windows or Linux servers in companies operating in very diverse industries. These are both small IT systems and extensive IT infrastructures exposed to various threats. The experience gained in this way pays off with even better efficiency . In most cases, our employees know perfectly well how to deal with a given problem. This reduces response times and the risk of losses that you could incur due to longer business downtime.

Ensure regular backups are made

Databases used by companies are growing at an alarming rate. We process more and more information that requires professional protection in the era of widespread digitization . The best solution is backups, which should be done regularly, preferably on an ongoing basis.
The administration of Windows and Linux servers in our edition is primarily the implementation of systems that automate this process. We select solutions for individual needs, including the nature of the company’s work. With backups, you don’t have to worry about hard drive failure. You can be sure that all information is properly secured and its reproduction will not be a problem.
What’s more, with a good data protection system, the user will not even realize that a media has failed. This guarantees , among other things, the use of redundant RAID arrays, which we can also take care of.

Possibility of conducting an IT3 audit

This is one of our most important services. Administration of Windows or Linux servers should always start with a thorough audit. Its aim is,, to determine which areas of the IT system are outdated, operate inefficiently and cause, for example, blockages in the flow of information, hindering business development. At the same time, we analyze the entire infrastructure in terms of software, devices used or implemented security.
On this basis, we can propose solutions to improve the entire system. We want the companies cooperating with us to have great opportunities for development, which is based on an efficient and modern IT infrastructure. Only with us you can count on such a comprehensive server administration at an extremely attractive price.

If you use an extensive IT infrastructure, it is certainly not enough for you to hire one employee responsible for its technical support . Server management is a number of important tasks aimed at maintaining adequate system performance and constantly adapting it to changing needs. It is also a concern for data security, both related to threats inside the IT network and external ones.
The administration of a server running under Windows or Linux includes services such as:
regular software updates,
managing the expiration dates of licenses for programs,
implementation of system security solutions,
monitoring of infrastructure for failures, attempted burglaries and other cyber attacks,
early planning of expansions and upgrades to continuously maintain high operational efficiency,
express response to emerging failures,
providing technical support in case of problems, e.g. with access to servers,
backing up data,
Configuring the entire network environment
and much more. The list of tasks is very long and, unfortunately, with larger IT infrastructures, many employees must be responsible for their implementation. It is not uncommon for companies to work continuously, which means that administrators should be available around the clock.
Efficiency and matching the capabilities of servers based on Windows or Linux is only half the battle. Today, one of the most important tasks is to secure these machines. The need for reliable data protection is not only the effect of the introduction of the provisions of the GDPR. Currently, more and more companies, especially large and well-known in the world, are struggling with hacker attacks. The vulnerability of the server to such activities means that the entire enterprise can be paralyzed in an instant. What’s worse, it is not uncommon for confidential data to leak, and this is associated with both the deterioration of the brand image and high penalties and claims from customers.
The issue of administering Windows or Linux servers should never be underestimated. By relying on the services of our company Lizard, you will be sure that the IT system you use is always maximally efficient, functional, and at the same time protected against external attacks and technical failures.

From the very beginning, Lizard focuses on flexibility, trying to adjust management services to the individual needs of clients.For this reason, cooperation can concern a very wide range of tasks, which include, among others:

  • administration of various types of servers, including Windows, Linux, Exchange, SQL and Terminal,
  • round-the-clock technical support,
  • conducting a comprehensive IT audit,
  • installation of new software,
  • “putting” the server operating system from scratch,
  • implementation of technologies increasing security in the IT system,
  • virtualization,
  • making backups,
  • support in the implementation of new technologies,
  • comprehensive software and system configuration,
  • implementation of solutions reducing the risk of failure and constant monitoring of the network,
  • Updating programs and keeping their licenses valid.

This is only a small part of our capabilities. To know them all, just contact us . We will be happy to answer your questions, dispel doubts and, above all, propose the best solutions in terms of IT support for the company.

At Lizard, we never follow predetermined templates. Each business has different needs and often focuses on unique methods  of work. We adapt to the existing situation. Administration of Windows servers can be both remote and local. Importantly, you do not have to be an expert in the field of IT technology. Thanks to  a thorough audit, we will tell you what changes are worth implementing to increase the efficiency of the IT system and secure it even better.

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