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Cybersecurity – Administration, Tests

Security of IT systems is a multi-level system whose task is to protect IT systems and user data. It should be remembered that user data is not only his files or data collected in applications and databases, but also data related to a specific person, i.e. identity in the digital world.
To put it simply, it should be assumed that the most important elements of protecting systems, data and identity are:
FireWall devices, UTM – devices and systems that are installed at the entrance to the company, on the Internet supply link. Proper design, implementation of such a system guarantees us that Internet traffic, which for an ordinary user is invisible and incomprehensible, does not threaten the systems and data. Our experience allows, regardless of the knowledge of users, to implement mechanisms for protection, monitoring and purification of traffic to and from the Internet. Technologies recognized by us as the most effective and reliable are Sophos, Cisco, Fortinet


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Endpoint Protection software – protects devices used by employees such as computers, mobile devices, tablets, smartphones. Software is properly implemented and administered “thinks” for the user and responds to threats occurring on the network and on the user’s device. Immediate response protects the user from far-reaching consequences such as loss of data, passwords or identity.
The most frequently implemented solutions are solutions with high efficiency and reasonable price, i.e. those in which we have the greatest experience: Sophos Endpoint Protection, Sophos Server Protection, Sophos Mobile, Microsoft Defender, Bitdefender
The protection of data stored in the cloud, contrary to what users think, does not belong to the manufacturer or operator of a given cloud. This obligation is on the part of the client, he determines the level of protection and the budget he wants to devote to these solutions. It is important to be aware of this and use solutions such as: Microsoft Defender for Microsoft365, Veeam for Microsoft365, Veeam for Azure, Sophos for Azure when securing cloud solutions
If the best solution for you is to put supervising, monitoring, responding and troubleshooting professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is worth using the Sophos Managed Detection and Response (Sophos MDR) solution. This is true safety with the guarantee of the utmost care and responsibility up to 1 million euros.
Always remember about Backup. No matter how well you secure your system, you can always expect the unexpected. Therefore, use Veeam for Microsoft 365, Veeam for Azure, Veeam Back up & Replication, Veeam CloudConnect.
Tests, tests, tests, in order to feel safe and minimize possible risks, you should constantly test your security, we do it using very good SecPoint software, which will identify all problems and possible vulnerabilities in the applied security by testing the system and IT infrastructure from outside and inside the company.

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