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Outsourcing company Poland

IT outsourcing Company from Poland

IT outsourcing is a great way to reduce the costs in the company of IT support, hardware support and the entire IT infrastructure such as: networks, servers, desktops and mobile devices.
Outsourcing of IT services is a great alternative to expensive dedicated solutions designed especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, external support for a specific project has many advantages that are worth knowing. Check out the IT outsourcing offer from and learn how our team of specialists can help you.
Outsourcing of IT services
In our IT company, we offer efficient remote outsourcing in the field of IT systems such as: Microsoft 365 cloud, administration of backup copies in your company, assistance in choosing the right equipment and appropriate antivirus software that will effectively protect your personal and financial data. Our IT services are an excellent solution in the form of a subscription on the Polish market for most companies. For years, we have been sharing our know-how and training employees within the organization to an appropriately high level to ensure maximum benefits for our customers.

ITO with Lizard

At Lizard, we have been offering effective outsourcing for the benefit of companies for years, for us companies cooperating with us are a partner and we treat them as such. In a range of IT services offered by us you will find comprehensive monitoring of IT infrastructure, server administration, technical support at any time of the day, server administration.


Our partners

IT Outsourcing Company Lizard

As part of IT outsourcing, we provide a wide range of services in our field, including administration, diagnostics as well as installation and update of applications. We have been managing IT security for many years and we have IT solutions such as IT Helpdesk or IT Systems Audit. In, we offer access to high-class specialists who have extensive experience in supporting small, medium and large enterprises. Depending on the company, we offer appropriate solutions, IT services and software that meet the assumptions of your business cost-optimally.
Comprehensive IT service, in the highest standard, as a company providing specialized IT services, we strive to select the right employees who understand the need for continuous development. Our specialists often attend training and have certificates of such valued partners as Microsoft, Redhat, Veeam, Sophos or Bitdefender.
In, the tasks related to the performance of IT services are at the highest level, guaranteeing that your company will develop quickly and efficiently without unnecessary IT problems.

IT Outsourcing Services for your company


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IT outsourcing – advantages

  1. Low costs of IT outsourcing – The advantages of IT outsourcing are definitely a solution that allows you to reduce costs in the company, thanks to such an IT service you can choose the right services and adjust them to your budget. External IT services mean no problem with building your own department and hiring employees. Depending on the outsourcing, you can arrange a service based on an hourly salary model.
  2. No staffing problems – Permanent employment of high-class IT specialists in your company can be cost-ineffective, and often in the case of small and medium-sized companies, the problem of IT infrastructure management is not solved by hiring one employee, because not everyone knows everything. In this respect, an external company can guarantee access to specialists in various fields of IT services, such as server administration, cloud support or remote helpdesk. Using our outsourcing offer also means no problems with holidays, unavailability of employees in a given period. In addition, you also save on training specialists, because this cost is on the side of outsourcing companies.
  3. Time saving – Outsourcing a company is also a considerable time saver, because external IT care allows for quick construction and maintenance of IT infrastructure depending on your specialty. Outsourcing service providers often have a lot of experience in working with clients from companies of all sizes, both large and small. The lack of additional obligations may have a positive impact on the functioning of the company and the development of IT infrastructure and increasing competitiveness.
  4. Access to the latest technologies – Another benefit of IT outsourcing is not only the reduction of IT support costs, but also access to the latest hardware and software on the market. Your own IT department requires a constant expenditure of human and material resources, while in the case of outsourcing, you have access to the appropriate level of services and technology almost immediately in a very wide range. This can definitely have a positive impact on your business.
  5. Professional service – The experience of IT specialists is a greater chance to achieve high results, especially in industries where IT solutions are used on a daily basis, such as large online stores, a network of large organizations or large databases. The company offering local and remote outsourcing employs dedicated engineers who specialize in given areas of computer science. So that the solution of problems can be instantaneous.
  6. High availability – The high availability of the service also has an impact on the company’s efficiency, in particular when the number of people dependent on it is very large and work without an IT system is not possible. Any delay of a given department is a waste of real money. Professional outsourcing of IT services means reliability of systems 24 hours a day, continuous monitoring and significant reductions in the risk of data loss or unavailability of the service.
  7. IT service tailored to your needs – Another benefit of IT outsourcing is also the use of services that you need at the moment, at any time you can change the scope of the IT contract by adjusting IT services to the needs of your company. You can only choose individual IT services such as helpdesk, data backup or remote server administration.

IT outsourcing and cost reduction – analysis

IT outsourcing is today a very fashionable way to reduce costs in many companies. Despite the common opinion that the process of putting IT in professional hands, it still pays off, there are still many people who do not find enough arguments to make this strategic decision for their company. Below we will focus only on the analysis of cost reductions resulting from the fact that IT has been taken over by an outsourcing company:


  1. Predictability of costs
  2. Fixed monthly and annual costs
  3. Possibility to contract a fixed price for the duration of the contract, e.g. 3 years


  1. Possibility to negotiate a long payment period
  2. Better cash flow
  3. Credit from the service provider – 14 – 30 days, which is not available at the employee
  4. In the event of a problem with financial liquidity, the possibility of negotiating the payment date

Charges only for time used productively

  1. Hourly billed fees based on protocols signed by the client for the work performed.
  2. Fees generated when there is work for an IT specialist, we can decide when we carry out larger tasks and when we can afford the fee
  3. We do not pay a fixed salary to an employee when there are no tasks
  4. The possibility of project settlement without the need to count the time used.

Reduction of employment costs, personnel costs

  1. The cost of recruiting a specialist, the problem with the assessment of professionalism
  2. The cost of employee induction, especially important for employee turnover
  3. Cost of the workplace
    1. Computer np. notebook – 3500 PLN netto
    2. Software – can reach up to PLN 10,000 net
    3. Room space, desks, chairs and other equipment – up to PLN 5,000 net

The cost of sickness absence

On average, 10 days of illness per year

Cost of holidays

  1. 26 days a year, which is the equivalent cost of “13 salaries for an employee”
  2. Additional days off – on average 5-10 days a year
    1. Fathers’ leave after the birth of a child
    2. Childcare
    3. Special leave
    4. Honorary blood donors
    5. Mandatory medical examinations
    6. Mandatory health and safety training.
  3. Overtime cost:
    1. A lot of configuration work, especially on servers, must be done after working hours or on weekends
  4. Cost of social benefits
  5. Training and development costs:
    1. Computer science is a particularly modern field and without training, the employee can only experiment, regress solutions, change jobs
  6. Career path cost
    1. With the passage of years of work, it is necessary to provide the employee with professional development
    2. With the passage of years of work, the salary of an IT specialist increases, although sometimes the system has no new functionalities

Limitation of employee privileges:

  1. Company cars
  2. Fuel
  3. Fuel allowances
  4. Additional medical care
  5. Christmas bonuses
  6. Integration events
  7. Business trips, delegations

Accounting costs

  1. Increased payroll, higher software license fees
  2. Higher fees to accounting offices
  3. Higher bank transfer fees

Organizational structure

  1. Simplify the organizational structure
  2. Reduction of the number of employee posts
  3. Reduction of the number of FTEs/management contracts


  1. The service provider will be insured against business operations, which will cover the company’s losses in the event of an employee’s mistake,

Release of the company's current assets

  1. Improving financial flows
  2. Possibility of additional revenue from the use of vacated premises

Improving the quality of the organization

  1. The supplier trains its employees, gives professionals with the highest qualifications in the number of hours needed by our company
  2. The supplier invests in the latest technologies himself
  3. The price of the hour includes “Know-How”
  4. The employed employee often uses external companies anyway because he can not do everything himself.

Reduction of business risk

Risk of paying fines, fines and interest for incorrect or untimely calculation and settlement of public law liabilities such as ZUS or taxes


  1. The construction of IT systems with the help of an ITO company makes it possible to record expenses in investments, which cannot be done with the costs of full-time employees
  2. Investments increase the value of the enterprise thanks to IT services, which until now were a cost
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