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IT Audit

Lizard provides a range of audit services :
Thanks to a well-conducted IT audit, you can find out:
– what is the general condition of the IT system and applications, what are its weaknesses
– how to modernize the IT system
– what is the security status of the IT system and applications
– what is the licensing status of the IT products used,
-jie devices work in the IT system
– what is the timeliness of IT systems and applications and whether they are vulnerable .


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Well-conducted IT audit

After obtaining relevant knowledge, specially dedicated solutions can be used to protect data resources against failures, cyberattacks or random events.
When conducting an IT audit, our clients most often have the following goals:
– Identification and inventory of current IT systems
– Determination of customer needs in technical and economic aspects
– Development of assumptions for the implementation of the project
– Migration planning
– Migration to Datacenter or Microsoft365, Azure, AWS, GCP cloud
– Planning new resources in Datacenter or Microsoft365, Azure, AWS, GCP cloud
– Offer for specific solutions, technical design
– Technical implementation of the selected concept based on hosting domains, applications, racks, virtual servers, physical servers.
– Virtualization of old and new environments based on VmWare and Hyper-View
– Planning as-built documentation, policies, procedures, instructions
– Technical planning, repair configurations
– Planning of system administration work and basic administrative activities relieving local IT
– Advanced systems administration aimed at outsourcing all administrative activities
– Backup scheduling
– Monitoring planning
– Planning Maintenance of the entire solution
– Planning update activities for IT systems, devices and applications

Audit IT – practical information :

Performing all technical activities and placing resources, systems in a specialized Datacenter, Microsoft365, Azure, AWS, GCP
Duration depending on the size of the enterprise from 7 days to 30 days.
The result of the work is presented in the form of a report for the Management Board or IT teams
We present technical and economic variants


IT system audit


Pre-implementation audit, pre-migration, pre-project, pre-service audit

We offer an IT audit as part of the start of cooperation. Such an audit is very justified due to the fact that most often the customer looking for an IT company does not know what is really in his system or what does not work and why he is in trouble. Lizard, on the other hand, in order to perform the work quickly and efficiently, must also acquire appropriate knowledge about the entire system. The quality of repair work and system upgrades often depends on good initial recognition.
In the case of implementations, migration Lizard must know what it will deploy, migrate and in terms is the actual state of the system at the moment.

Scope of proposed work:

– getting acquainted with the LAN, WAN infrastructure,
– familiarization with security and Internet access,
– getting acquainted with the local server infrastructure, AZURE, AWS, GCP
– getting acquainted with the directory structure, file structure,
– getting acquainted with the working antivirus solution,
– getting acquainted with the working backup system,
– getting acquainted with the situation regarding the licensing of products owned by the Customer,
– getting acquainted with the business systems working at the client,
– analysis of the operation of the postal system,
-analysis of the operation of workstations, mobile devices , their functions and status,
– preliminary analysis of the needs of users of the IT system.
– simplified analysis of applications owned by the customer
– getting acquainted with the cloud systems used, such as Microsoft 365, Power Platform, SharePoint

Duration of IT Audit:

In order to carry out the audit, at least one local visit (8 hours) must take place, the rest of the work, depending on the complexity of the system and technical capabilities, is carried out remotely. The results will be processed over 7 working days.

Results of work:

The results of the work will be presented in the form of a post-audit document and, if necessary, we will prepare presentations for the Management Board. We invite companies from all over Polish and Europe who care about a reliable and efficient IT audit to cooperate with us.

Audit IT - do you have any questions?


You will be surprised how much! Everything is simple on marketing leaflets, but in life, in order for your system to work properly and safely, it must be administered daily, looked after and updated!

You will be surprised how much! Connecting a device to a network is indeed easy, but who will be able to secure efficient VPN connections, who will protect your company from Cybercriminals and provide secure IT services? Only well-administered network systems.

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