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Microsoft Azure Cloud services - migration, implementation, administration

Microsoft Azure services for Business deployment

Unlimited possibilities, a wide range of services and cost optimization are just some of the reasons why more and more companies decide to move their resources to the Internet cloud. We provide our clients with the implementation and full support in the configuration of the Microsoft Azure system  – an efficient cloud computing, offering services from all key areas for the company. Its main advantage is the ability to create both the simplest and the most extensive IT environment, fully tailored to the individual needs of each company.


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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Azure is undoubtedly a cloud computing environment offering a very wide range of services. It is a highly innovative cloud optimized to provide the best solutions, which, when properly selected and in the right subscription, will certainly help you in obtaining a reliable, secure and flexible environment for your business systems.
Not without significance is the fact that Microsoft is investing in Poland and the data centers dedicated to Eastern Europe created in 2023 will be even better and faster available to us in Poland than those already existing in Western Europe.

However, the highest quality services offered by Azure must be:

  1. Properly selected technologically to meet your most demanding expectations and needs, when you ask us for consultations, we will plan the entire environment for you in technical terms
  2. Properly purchased subscription to save and effectively use all possibilities, if you ask us for consultations, we will exchange our experience for the right selection of products for you, we will get all possible savings options by presenting you with different variants of solutions in terms of cost
  3. Properly configured, launched, implemented so that your environment works from the first day for you, when you ask us for consultations, we will plan and perform the appropriate implementation, without unnecessary start-ups and downtime.
  4. Properly performed migration to move your systems to the Azure Cloud  , ask us for consultations and we will move your environments to the cloud in accordance with the developed plan in a variant that will meet your business and economic needs
  5. Properly made hybrid cloud to connect the most modern cloud environment and its services with your On-premise environment,  which can not be moved due to your procedures, production method or security, ask us for a consultation and we will make the right configuration and connections between systems for you and you will gain the most effective hybrid computing cloud.
  6. Properly performed administration, update, ask for consultation to develop a plan and current administration and update of systems working on an ongoing basis for you, removal of failures and other events.
  7. Properly prepared documentation and operating procedures

Azure cloud solutions from Lizard

The most popular services offered by Azure and  sold, configured and administered by us as a Microsoft Partner.

  • Azure Virtual Machines – Windows  – virtual machines with selectable and flexible hardware optimized for Windows
  • Azure Virtual Machines – Linux  – virtual machines equipped with selectable and flexible hardware parameters optimized for Linux
  • Azure SQL Database –  MS SQL Database – MS SQL Database Environment 
  • Azure Database for mySQL – mySQL Databases experience 
  • Azure Blob  Storage  – Block Storage
  • Azure Kubernetes Service—Containerized
  • Azure DevOps – a set of modern development services
  • Microsoft  Azure portal  – a portal that integrates all information about your resources in Azure 
  • Azure Backup – a backap service  implemented with Microsoft tools for selected data carriers, from traditional through block to archival


Azure Cloud Administration Benefits

Azure Cloud Services

A wide range of functionalities in the cloud allows you to create and manage modern applications, tools and work processes without having to invest in your own server infrastructure.

Azure SQL Databases

The ability to design, extend and scale relational applications in an external environment is one of the key benefits of the SQL Database system from Microsoft Azure. The advantages of the solution also include the SQL reporting option, characterized by the need to maintain your own environment and lower initial cost.

Mobile Services

The ability to scale the backend allows you to create applications dedicated to Windows Phone, Android and Apple iOS operating systems or enrich them with additional options, such as user authentication or data storage on an external drive.

Sieć Web

Web Sites is a service that gives you the ability to deploy web applications in an external server environment. The advantages of creating websites in the cloud are undoubtedly scalability and reliability of the infrastructure.

Backup data to Azure cloud

When you decide to implement Microsoft Azure, you gain the ability to create and manage backups using the most popular data protection tools.

Media Services

A complete multimedia environment that provides access to advanced solutions such as format encoding, conversion, receiving, and streaming. Indispensable when creating and expanding multimedia tools.

Traffic Manager

Access to Azure cloud computing also allows you to manage incoming traffic with the option to balance it for all services used. It does not matter whether they are operated by one data center or run by units located in different regions of the world.


With this service, it is possible to optimize the application cache depending on the increasing load of operations performed by users.

Azure Virtual Network

The Microsoft Azure cloud, after the implementation of the Virtual Network service, allows you to build private VPNs in order to securely and efficiently connect them to your physical IT architecture.

Azure Cloud Services


Migrate data to the Azure cloud

Migrating data to the Azure cloud gives you access to thousands of services operating within the Microsoft Azure server infrastructure. The operation of resources in an external network enables the use of individual systems and applications, the use of which in a traditional form would not be possible due to very high costs. Choosing such a service model gives you the opportunity to configure the IT environment taking into account key functions for a specific business.

By keeping solutions on an external drive, you can flexibly account for the tools used, with the possibility of changing licenses at any time. You get the guarantee of a consistent, reliable environment full of compatible products integrated with the data cloud. All services available as part of the Microsoft Azure system are characterized by the highest level of security, thanks to which your IT infrastructure is protected against cyber threats on many levels. At the same time, you can count on our support at any time – we surround our clients with comprehensive care, both at the stage of implementation and operation of the system.

  • Want to get away from investing in physical servers?
  • Do you want to build a secure solution for your company?
  • Do you want to have no limits when building your business systems?

Choose the best services on the market for where:

  • we will choose the right solution,
  • you will optimize costs,
  • we will develop a project,
  • we will provide support or carry out migration,
  • we will integrate with your private cloud by creating a so-called hybrid cloud.

We will provide you with an optimized selection of licenses and accesses and perform the necessary integration services.

Azure Cloud Adoption – Service Selection 

Microsoft Azure is an environment of public cloud, infrastructure and operating systems and data flow, which has several thousand items in the price list, it should be remembered that you pay not only for the purchased component but also, for example,  for traffic or the number of operations performed.
I suggest you, trust engineers who do it professionally and have experience and competence.

Migrate to the Microsoft Azure cloud

Our administrators perform many migrations to the Microsoft Azure cloud, thanks to which they have extensive experience. Planning and execution of work in the AZURE environment is a demanding process in which you also need to take care of cost limits. Therefore, it is better to use our services, we know how to do it!

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is an ever-evolving set of cloud services that helps your organization meet business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications across a vast global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.
Why and how to successfully move to the cloud?
Your organization can gain competitive advantages from cloud computing, such as higher efficiency, greater flexibility, lower costs, and better performance of applications and services. Cloud computing represents a shift in the traditional understanding of IT resources, and therefore the transition to the cloud requires careful planning and strategy.
Cloud migrations can also involve moving from one cloud provider to another. This, too, requires careful planning and consideration of the same factors.


Azure Cloud Services - do you have any questions?


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