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Hardware and software

Lizard is an authorized partner of many suppliers, software, subscriptions and devices come only from manufacturer-authorized distribution channels. They are legal, original and have a guarantee.


Our partners

Hardware and software for business


Lizard provides:

Software and subscriptions

  • Microsoft 365 , Microsoft Azure via CSP
  • Licenses and subscriptions native to Microsoft Server via SPLA
  • Microsoft licenses for all products in the Perpetual and Subscription models
  • Microsoft licenses in the education model
  • Licenses and subscriptions in the government model 
  • Adobe
  • MenageEngine
  • Secpoint
  • Devolutions
  • LanSweeper
  • Unified footers 

Devices for the user

Computers, notebooks, mobile devices with accessories:
With great pleasure, we will help you choose the right equipment for you along with a full range of accessories.
We will offer mobile and desktop computers as well as graphics stations from manufacturers such as HP, DELL, Lenovo, Fujitsu, mobile devices such as Samsung.
Accessories from all manufacturers including Jabra, Logitech and many more

Apple – MAC i iPhone

Our offer includes a full selection of MAC computers and iPhone devices, in addition, if you want to manage these devices in the Apple system, our engineers will implement such a solution for you.

Monitors, whiteboards, projectors

we have a huge number of different types of monitors and multimedia devices, we will provide what will be best for you – a professional monitor for office work, a specialized monitor for working in CAD applications or a gaming monitor.

Telecommunication equipment and devices

We offer a wide range of devices such as telephones, reception telephones, professional headphones for CallCenter, etc.

Printers & Printer Rental

We offer implementation and installation of personal printers, small network printers and combine harvesters, which can be purchased or rented with an appropriate access and authorization system as well as monitoring of material and paper consumption.

Physical servers, disk libraries

Not everything can be done in the cloud, which is why we offer physical servers and hardware for them, including server racks and others.
We offer original devices Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu,

UPS i equipment

We offer small and large as well as central UPS with installation, implementation and monitoring, our offer also includes other devices such as smart power lists and many others

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Hardware and software - do you have any questions?


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