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Samsung Knox Suite

The most modern and comprehensive management system for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, is implemented by Samsung’s security platform.


Our partners

Samsung Knox Suite: Design

1. Design and planning of solutions – we will develop for your organization a detailed description of needs, a proposal for technical solutions, the sequence and schedule of activities along with a comprehensive offer.

Samsung Knox Suite: Product Delivery

  1. Delivery of all necessary products such as Samsung Knox hardware and licenses – we fulfill orders for the hardware, software and licenses of Samsung Knox Suite expected by the customer.


All our services can be provided on equipment and licenses purchased from other sellers, including telecommunications operators such as Orange, Play, Plus, T-mobile on Samsung’s recommendation.

We are a Samsung Service Partner and  for this reason we can perform all activities  in the Smasung Knox system enabling device registration, implementation, administration and analysis of all events directly in the Samsung system and databases.

Samsung Knox: Implementation and "Secured"

3. Implementation, security, migrations – we will perform a full implementation of Knox Suite for your organization, migration of devices and resources stored on mobile devices, configure policies and design a secure Samsung mobile device management system.

Samsung Knox: System Integrations

4. Integration with other systems and platforms – We will implement and integrate the Samsung Knox solution you own or purchase with such popular platforms as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure AD, Microsoft Intune. We will use the potential of the platforms of the largest manufacturers to build the most secure mobile device system on the market.

Samsung Knox: IT Inventory

5. We will implement a full IT inventory system, based on the integration of Samsung Konox, Microsoft 365, Azure AD and LanSweeper.

Samsung Knox: Mobile Device Management

6. Ongoing management of mobile devices and security of IT systems – We are very happy to sign a contract with you for the ongoing maintenance of the system, under this agreement you will benefit from IT Outsourcing under which we can manage Samsung Knox products, mobile devices, but also provide user assistance or administer security, systems, servers, networks, backup and many others.

Samsung Knox: Systems Analysis

7. Analysis of operating parameters of mobile device systems and events in the system from the point of view of security or efficiency – A maintenance contract for mobile device management systems or, more broadly, maintenance of IT systems will enable your organization to take advantage of current analyzes and reports that will describe and illustrate the situation in terms of environmental performance, their security and, among others, the effectiveness and repeatability of backup processes, granting permissions, antivirus protection and much more.

Samsung Knox Suite for business


Samsung Knox Suite - do you have any questions?


An advanced security system that secures the environment of Samsung mobile devices at the highest level.

Common Criteria mode provides near-instant security and makes your device compliant with your organization’s policies (LINK)

  1. DualDAR – encryption, but using the most secure procedures, it can be considered that your devices are doubly protected by double encryption
  2. Universal and unified storage credential management
  3. Network Platform Analytics – a real, meticulous and professional analysis of device usage in your organization.
  4. The audit log offers in-depth monitoring of device usage

Do what you want with your Samsung mobile device with Knox Platform for Enterprise:

Access detailed controls native to your Samsung device

Separate personal and business apps, even on company-owned devices

Run a remote health check to verify that any work equipment has not been compromised

The list of all Knox Platform for Enterprise features can be found HERE

Devices purchased from certified device retailers are automatically uploaded to the Knox server, so you can immediately configure them according to your organization’s policies.

It is possible to significantly simplify the configuration through automatic responses, more than half of the configuration steps are eliminated.

The full list of functionalities can be found HERE

Well-defined user experience maximizes productivity for IT administrators

– Easy deployment with wizards

– Advanced kiosk features

– Remote execution of critical, critical IT administrative tasks

Advanced management tools increase the capabilities of mobile systems

– Periodic location tracking and recording

– Remote access tool that will enable remote helpdesk for the device and user in any location.

– Differentiated enforcement of event-based policies (e.g., specific time, location, network, roaming, SIM card change) according to your organization’s security policy.

The full list of functionalities can be found HERE

Operating system version fully under control

-Confidence in the operating system of devices in your organization.

– Settings to block unwanted, automatic updates of operating system versions

– The ability to choose the version of the operating system to be used in your organization.

– An environment that allows you to perform tests before implementing new versions or patches of the operating system.

The full list of functionalities can be found HERE

– Intelligent device battery management

– Detailed insight into application usage

– Resource location and connectivity

The full list of functionalities can be found HERE

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