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Microsoft Power BI

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  1. Power BI
    1. A tool to collect and visualize data in one console from multiple sources
    2. Data Analysis Tool
    3. A tool for making automated decisions or simply making decisions
    4. Build advanced reports without code
    5. Integration with M365, ScharePoint, Teams
  2. Power Apps
    1. Empower users to build solutions
    2. It allows you to combine the knowledge and experience of developers and business experts
    3. Allows you to create custom applications or extend existing ones
  3. Power Pages
    1. Allows users to build websites, quickly, efficiently and without the use of code
    2. Enables advanced web coding for developers
    3. Allows management from a single console and participates in ensuring security standards
  4. Power Automate
    1. It allows you to replace a manual process with an automated process that saves our time
    2. Allows you to build processes without code
    3. Allows you to update business processes
  5. Power Virtual Agents
    1. It allows you to create chatbots to communicate with customers and other users
    2. Building chatbots is done without the use of code
    3. Natural hedgehog support
    4. It enables integration with existing applications, including those from other providers


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