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Microsoft Sharepoint

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Microsoft 365 SharePoint implementation – benefits

Microsoft 365 SharePoint is a communication platform available on Windows and macOS computers and on mobile devices with Android, Windows, iOS.With Microsoft 365 SharePoint, you can easily:

  • build internal and external sites
  • Each user and administrator can set up a theme, team or individual site in the network
  • A built site can contain very different content, be an information site, but also a document library, a checklist, a form
  • in an easy way and in a transparent form build reports, statements
  • Follow events or items that are important to you on other members of your organization’s websites or group sites
  • Present data about calendars, tasks, and more
  • Sync the data you care about to the cloud or other locations

Microsoft 365 SharePoint is part of many popular Microsoft 365 subscriptions and works for you as soon as they are launched. Microsoft 365 SharePoint simplifies communication in the company, allows you to transfer content within the organization quickly, clearly and effectively. Using Microsoft 365 SharePoint, your team will have access to current data, current forms, company prints, marketing materials, information materials, announcements.


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Yes, you can purchase dedicated SharePoint product plans in SharePoint Online, or purchase the on-premise package in different variants

Microsoft SharePoint can be purchased in SharePoint Online as a standalone product, but a much better investment is to buy Microsoft SharePoint in Microsoft 365. Check before buying, be sure if it is definitely part of the purchased package. In addition, SharePoint Server and SharePoint Designer are available

For the Microsoft 365 SharePoint communication platform, the manufacturer allows other companies and their applications. It is a wide range of manufacturers , and among other things, the “embed” function allows you to transfer data to other applications.

Microsoft Sharepoint for business


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