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IT Cloud System Architect

Every company, within the framework of competition on the market, strives to reduce costs, increase productivity and save time and money. Therefore, an important aspect of this matter is the correct recognition of the needs and specifics of your company’s work and the appropriate design and planning of the concept, licenses, functions, availability of cloud systems. Good design and optimal purchase of licenses and subscriptions as well as an implementation plan are huge savings in money and time.
It is worth remembering that the IT Lizard Architect through extensive knowledge and experience guarantees that the planned migration processes will take place in an optimal manner and without unnecessary downtime caused by migration, unavailability of IT systems or corrections of incorrect configurations.
I draw your attention to the fact that the IT Architect knows a wide range of cloud solutions, which allows you to choose and integrate different solutions depending on the well-recognized needs of the client.

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Hybrid System Architect

Manufacturing and strategically sensitive plants may not always be able to purchase all services in the cloud model. They can choose some services, such as e-mail, and move them to the cloud, but for technical or political reasons they cannot move others to the cloud. Therefore, hybrid systems are created, difficult to design, configure or administer. IT architect Lizard, thanks to his vast knowledge and many years of experience, is able to design an appropriate hybrid system based on both cloud solutions and those working locally in factories or warehouses. Proper planning of IT systems integration and data flow and security is a key element in meeting stringent industry standards, national regulations with flexibility and cloud solutions where such solutions can be used.
The IT architect will design and carry out the most important migrations, integrations and data flows, interfaces and other activities in a safe and optimal way, keeping the risk of downtime or system failure at the lowest possible level.

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IT Network Architect

An IT network is a complicated structure consisting of cabling, fiber optics, active devices, firewall and many other elements that for the user are something that he would rather not know about. IT administrators who do not specialize in networks, intuitively know the subject but are often unable to undertake difficult and complicated configurations, which are to guarantee not only the speed of connections but also the availability of connections to the Internet while maintaining the security of data transmission. The issue is so difficult that appropriate design activities or administration planning cannot take place without high-class IT Lizard Architects. The knowledge and experience of Lizard IT Architects guarantees that there will be a guarantee of developing a network solution that will retain the most important parameters such as adequate price, connection speed, availability and security.

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Cybersecurity Architect

Your company certainly needs solutions that are good, justified and economically adequate, configurable and flexible in application and meet all the needs of employees working for your company. Unfortunately, in recent times, not everyone wants to work honestly and with the development of IT systems and the Internet, a new class of criminal activities has been created, i.e. cybercrime. Instead of focusing on business development and functionality of IT systems, we must additionally take care of their security. The matter is not simple at all, because IT security has many aspects and companies should consider what security measures to apply so that the risk of data loss, theft or irretrievable loss is minimal. Thanks to his experience, high competences using modern technologies, the Lizard IT architect will determine the degree of security of current IT systems, make appropriate tests, draw appropriate conclusions and plan and design a secure solution dedicated to your company’s IT system. IT Lizard Architect will develop a security theme in the following aspects: physical security of IT systems, network security, WiFi network security, firewall, VPN, security of IT systems, websites, Windows and Linux servers, hosting, DNS, printers, workstations, mobile devices, backup.

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Backup Architect

Data backup, backup is an extremely important issue, without this system it is difficult to imagine the operation of any serious, modern company, aware of today’s reality in which there are a lot of risks of data loss ranging from hardware or software failure and ending with cybercrime.
IT Lizard Architect, thanks to his vast knowledge and extensive experience, will plan, design and then, in cooperation with the Administrator or IT Expert, perform the necessary design work and implement the IT solution.
Given today’s capabilities of backup solutions, which you will certainly use to plan and design IT Architect Lizard are based on Veeam Backup & Replication technology, Veeam for Microsoft 365, Veeam for Azure, Veeam Cloud Connect, file or object disk space.


Microsoft Power / Webcon Architect

Process automation is probably an important topic in your company affecting the performance of employees and the entire company. Orderly processes, automatic actions are getting rid of paper document flows or getting rid of a whole bunch of e-mails that no one reads, and proving the processes or changes taking place after the dismissal of an employee and the passage of several months or years is basically impossible. IT Lizard architect, thanks to his vast knowledge and extensive experience, is the perfect business partner in your company to recognize relevant processes, propose their optimization and automation. Such solutions without the work of an IT Lizard Architect will often not only not facilitate the work, but will also complicate it and further discourage users of IT systems from using them. The right tool, its implementation with well-designed processes and workflows will cause that the efficiency, quality of work and speed of onboarding new employees will drop dramatically.
The tools that our IT Architect will effectively use to solve this type of cases are the Microsoft Power Platform, which is part of Microsoft 365 and the excellent BPS Webcon system.

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