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This is a Polish service, provided thanks to the operating in Warsaw It is a collection of services among which the most popular are:
Hosting your equipment in our
we suggest placing your physical assets in our that meets all security standards. It is not always profitable to build your server room. LIZARD as an integrator of IT services will provide you with an inventory of your IT systems that are currently with you and you want to transfer them to a secure Safe shutdown of systems, transfer and their efficient commissioning already in the environment


Our partners

Lease of dedicated physical equipment

We offer lease of physical equipment dedicated only to your company, In our offer you will find all the components that will allow you to build the right server platform for you with appropriate security elements, backup, operating procedures.

Virtual Server Lease

We offer virtual servers with any performance parameters dedicated to Windows or Linux

Software Lease

Thanks to CSP (Cloud Solution Partner) partnerships from various manufacturers, we can lease solutions such as all Microsoft Server licenses in the SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) model, Sophos, Veeam, Bitdefender licenses and many others on a monthly basis.

Backup to the cloud

A solution based on Veeam CloudConnect and other solutions from this manufacturer that guarantee backup and replication of data to the cloud or to public clouds such as Wasabi, Azure, AWS, GCP.

Disk space

We lease both traditional and object disk space of any size.

Domain Hosting

Parking and domain hosting.

Digital Certificates

Digital certificates of any kind, which we sell and install wherever you want to increase your security and credibility.

Internet Connections

We offer Internet, cable, fiber optic and wireless connections. We have a large network of connections.

Our experience, which we have been gaining for over 20 years, is a guarantee of knowledge of the market, technology and technological trends. We establish relationships with our customers for many years, this is because our customers appreciate the high reliability of our services and systems and development that is for them a simple relationship with modernity and good, proven, modern and safe technologies. is part of the group, we base our solutions on solutions of market leaders such as Microsoft, VmWare, Veeam, Bitdefender, Fortinet, Sophos, Mikrotik. We have a Datacenter in Warsaw and Katowice and connect to the best and fastest telecommunications nodes, adding appropriate DDoS protection for our services.
The strength of our brand is reliability and security, but also the fact that we have highly qualified staff, top-class engineers and architects of private cloud solutions, hybrid clouds, public clouds such as Azure or AWS.


Hardware colocation in Datacenter365 offer

Colocation of equipment is carried out in Datacenter365 in Warsaw and Katowice.

We offer you a place in the crayfish cabinet from 1 U to 48 U.


  • professional rooms with guaranteed power supply settled on a flat-rate basis or according to consumption,
  • emergency power supply system,
  • professional cooling system, protection and monitoring of physical access,
  • the right to audit for inspection bodies, they can inspect the equipment (EU funds, GDPR).

We execute our contracts from 6 to 36 months.

In addition, we can lease you SPLA Microsoft software, install LINUX or other systems, protect them against DDoS and other attacks thanks to Fortinet, Sophos, Mikrotik devices.

The Internet, of any bandwidth, connected with to the best communication hubs.

administracja serwerami

Digital Certificates in Datacenter365 offer

We offer you Digital Certificates to secure communication with websites, e-shops, databases, mail servers, etc.

We offer three groups of certificates:

  1. Basic protection of Internet connections – necessary protection against loss of trust of customers and users of your website, immediate issue, minimum formalities, financial guarantee of 200 000 €, standard time of issue after verification: 1h, available in MultiDomain and WildCard options
  2. High degree of protection and authentication – credibility required by large e-shops, offices, database servers and corporate websites, high level of security, organization data in a certificate, financial guarantee of 400 000 €, standard time of issue after verification: 24h, available in MultiDomain and WildCard options
  3. The highest level of trust – strengthening reputation and prestige, in an exclusive group of banks, financial institutions and the largest e-shops, the highest security class, the highest level of certificate verification (Double certificate verification), financial guarantee of 1 000 000 €, standard time of issue after verification: 1-7 days, available in the MultiDomain option

We also offer consultations and technical assistance in the implementation of security solutions such as system protection and monitoring, advanced Sophos  and Fortigate security systems.

Dedicated and virtual servers in the Datacenter365 offer

As part of the service,  you will receive assistance in designing, selecting the appropriate parameters of all necessary components and networks.

Our engineer, systems architect, based on the obtained guidelines, will propose you the best solution, then we will configure and run for you equipment, servers, virtualizers, virtual servers and network in such a way that you can enjoy the effective use of your applications and systems.

Appropriate selection:

  • Servers
  • computing power,
  • Processors
  • Memory
  • the number and type of hard drives.
  • It is not a simple task to meet the requirements of users, applications and cost optimization

An important element of the systems is the system software, we will offer you:

  • Microsoft SPLA
  • Windows Server
  • Windows Datacenter Server
  • MS SQL
  • RDP
  • as the best form of monthly settlements without investing in software with a guarantee of always using the latest version.

As part of the service on servers dedicated to our clients and in hybrid environments, we provide the following services:

  • Administration and maintenance of systems
  • System monitoring
  • System Update

We also invite you to take advantage of  Veeam’s reliable Backapp system  as part of service, which can provide you with:

  • A reliable copy of your data, databases and operating systems, virtual machines
  • Store copies locally at the Customer’s premises, in, in a different location than your servers, in a secure cloud.
administracja serwerów
obsluga it 2

Additional services in the Datacenter365 offer

  • sale of Domains,
  • Domain and DNS hosting,
  • web hosting,
  • monitoring websites with specialized tools,
  • basic mail hosting,
  • Basic Digital Certificates.

Our services are organized in such a way that when running your services, servers and other resources on the network, you have everything in one place.



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