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Microsoft CSP

Lizard is a Microsoft partner and as part of the Cloud Solution Provider Partner program is authorized to provide customers with subscriptions for products from the Microsoft 365 family, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics.
Participation in this program obliges Lizard to have the highest level of knowledge about licensing and subscription of Microsoft software. We are able and we feel obliged to choose the subscriptions needed for the client in such a way as to maximally optimize its costs and that the cooperation between Microsoft, Lizard and the client lasts as long as possible and is optimized on an ongoing basis. Microsoft presents different variants of subscription purchase, at the moment I will use only the example of Microsoft 365 we can buy at least three ways when it comes to the payment itself, i.e. annual purchase with payment for the year, purchase with an annual commitment with monthly payment, purchase with a monthly commitment with monthly payment, another example may be the purchase of Microsoft Azure where, for example, booking resources in the appropriate variant can reduce the price by up to half.
Lizard will examine your needs and suggest the best solution for you.


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