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Network Detection and Response


Sophos Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Continuously monitoring and analyzing network traffic to identify rogue assets, unprotected devices, insider threats, and zero-day attacks.

Why NDR?

  • NDR detects malicious activity in the one place a stealthy adversary cannot hide – the network! 
  • Attackers go to great lengths to avoid detection, including disabling and deleting system logs
  • But they still have to traverse the network 
  • NDR is an essential part of a defense-in-depth strategy

Sophos NDR Overview

– Sophos NDR is an add-on to Sophos MDR 

– Five real-time detection engines monitor east/west (internal) traffic and north/south (outgoing/incoming) traffic to detect and flag anomalies indicative of threat activity 

– Alerts are passed instantly to the Sophos MDR team for investigation and neutralization Deployed as a virtual appliance that sits on a physical or virtual switch on the corporate network


Sophos Solutions z Lizard

Lizard is a Sophos Platinum Partner. Our experts provide professional support in the selection of an antivirus program and help in the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the purchased solution.


Sophos NDR: Delivering Superior Cybersecurity Outcomes

Sophos NDR elevates protection by detecting:

  • Rogue devices – unauthorized, potentially malicious devices communicating across the network 
  • Unprotected devices – legitimate devices that can be used as an entry point • Insider threats – spot abnormal traffic and data movement from those on the inside 
  • Zero-day attacks – detect server command-and-control (C2) attempts based on patterns found in the session packets 
  • IoT and OT threats (e.g., medical devices, point of sale machines) –by monitoring data from these devices

When combined with other security telemetry, Sophos NDR enables analysts to paint a more complete picture of the attack, enabling a faster, deeper response

Why Choose Sophos NDR?

  • Five different detection engines deliver maximum network threat visibility 
  • A unique, patented machine learning approach that identifies malware in encrypted traffic 
  • Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) detection that doesn’t require additional threat intel
  • Powerful risk analytics detect abnormal activity and identify patterns that warrant further investigation
  • Alerts investigated and responded to by Sophos MDR

Network Detection and Response for business


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