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Network administration

Computer Network Administrator

Running a business is not only about acquiring new customers, looking for business partners and constantly improving the quality of services or products. Most companies use various types of solutions in the field of information technology for their work. An important part of it are computer networks, which should be looked after by a professional administrator. At Lizard, we provide comprehensive administration of computer networks.



Managing a computer network with Lizard

In we offer administration of LAN and WLAN networks,  i.e. wired local area networks, as well as wireless computer networks, this is what we specialize in. During the consultation, we will audit your computer network or create it from the beginning, taking into account your current business needs.

We have been designing computer networks for years and use proven and secure devices from companies such as Mikrotik, Sophos, Fortinet and others.

We know each other well on

  • TCP/IP protocols
  • issues related to Routing & Switching
  • IPS network security, VPN, Proxy, firewall
  • design and maintenance  of network infrastructure
  • Device configurations
  • administration of Unix servers

Network administration for business


We are well aware of how many responsibilities rest on the shoulders of the entrepreneur. For this reason, Lizard offers a service of management and administration of computer networks, thanks to which you will gain valuable time and, above all, a guarantee of the efficiency of the entire system. We serve clients from Krakow, Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław, enjoying an excellent reputation. We can also take care of your IT infrastructure – contact us today.

Network administration – scope of service

Lizard employs specialists who have been dealing with the administration of computer networks of both small and large companies for many years, from Krakow, Poznań, Warsaw and Wrocław. For this reason, we are not afraid of challenges, we react quickly to any problem and, above all, we know how to improve the infrastructure and adapt it to specific needs. Services include include:
taking care of the computer network in terms of its monitoring,
upgrading, increasing throughput and regularly updating software,
database administration,
installing antivirus programs and firewalls,
configuring the equipment to meet the customer’s needs,
Analyzing computer networks to reduce the risk of future failures.
These are, of course, just examples of services provided by experienced administrators every day. We know how to professionally manage networks and we will make sure to comprehensively take care of them in your company. Choose Lizard and don’t worry about the security and performance of your IT infrastructure.

Computer Networks

In we create, design and administer both small and large wired (LAN) and wireless (WLAN) computer networks. A few examples below
small LAN and WLAN networks – up to 10 network devices, e.g. computer, printer, server, projector
medium and large LAN and WLAN computer networks – more than 10 network devices in different locations, e.g. dozens of computers for several computers, many servers with different configurations, VPN servers, VoIP and others.
In addition to LAN and WLAN administration, we offer comprehensive IT services for companies and implementations in the field of Microsoft 365 cloud for companies.



Computer Network Administrator

Network administration is a very complicated department of knowledge, administrators as part of network administration provide access to IT services through appropriate configuration of connections, devices and VPN, without a properly working and efficient network you can not use the cloud.

Administrators providing access to the cloud must also secure these connections, ensuring appropriate security of transmitted data and devices working in the IT system.

The scope of administrators’ work therefore includes the appropriate configuration of FireWall and  routers, security and configuration  of WiFi networks  with access points, controllers and encryption protocols. Network administrators also configure the network backbone in response, which are appropriate switches that ensure the connection of the Client’s devices to the network.


Computer Network Administrator – scope of competence:

The computer network administrator will take care of:

  1. Cable networks,
  2. WiFi networks,
  3. Routerami,
  4. Network security,
  5. VPN,
  6. Internet access,
  7. Switch,
  8. LAN and WAN networks,
  9. Integration of network and telecommunications services into your applications.


Network Administrator – competencies 

We have a number of authorizations and engineers with knowledge and experience in network systems administration, the best we are in Sophos, Cisco, Meraki Mikrotik, Fortinet, Aruba, Ubiquiti.

Network administration - do you have any questions?


Network administration Q&A

In the case of any IT infrastructure, its nervous system is the IT network. It is primarily a series of connections thanks to which computers, printers and all the devices included in it can communicate with each other. Its central center is the server on which,, important data is stored.
Network administration is a series of tasks whose primary purpose is to ensure maximum efficiency of these connection systems. At the same time, it is also necessary to implement security solutions, e.g. against the possibility of leakage of important information.
A good computer network administrator must be responsible for monitoring the computer network and searching for those points in it that may pose a potential security risk. In this way, the risk of major accidents in the future can be eliminated, among other things.
However, in fact, this is only the basis, because network administration is a much broader concept. There are a lot of duties, and their implementation requires not only time, but above all experience and broad, specialist knowledge.
Our company Lizard can take on all these responsibilities. The quality of these services is best demonstrated by the constantly growing trust of customers running their own businesses in Krakow, Poznań, Warsaw or Wrocław. We serve both small companies and large enterprises in which managing a computer network is a unique challenge.

Constantly recurring and often deepening problems with the computer network may negatively affect, for example, the efficiency of data flow, hindering communication with the server. This, in turn, can lead to downtime in the company, problems with the implementation of orders, and even deterioration in the quality of customer service.
What’s more, today a lot of confidential data is stored in a computer network that must be properly secured. IT systems are not only exposed to external attacks. The problem may also be internal – it is enough for the employee to install on his computer software downloaded from an unreliable source.
Professional network administration is not only monitoring and responding to emerging failures. It also means planning the development of infrastructure, both in terms of eliminating current problems and increasing its efficiency and functionality in the future.

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