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Cloud Services for Business

Companies in today’s economic reality, looking for savings, are increasingly looking for ready-made, complete and safe services available at any time and in any place. Scalable to current operational needs and economic capabilities, billed in a pay-only model for what you use.
There are two scenarios:
A new service, a new IT solution not previously used in the company
Migrate services to the cloud already used by your business. Most often due to the need to make investment expenses, the costs of continuing to maintain the system or the need to employ qualified, expensive IT services.
We are substantively prepared to perform for you the entire process of work that will enable you to make a decision and transfer data to the cloud or purchase new cloud services.


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Professional consulting of cloud solutions for companies

Cloud services with Lizard

Once you decide that you want to use the modern Microsoft 365 communication platform or if you decide that you want to use computing power or servers located in Microsoft Azure, AWS or GCP, you will certainly realize that it was easy now, you need to buy the right cloud service . A subscription that must suit your needs and by the way it would be good to optimize costs. It is worth buying and enjoying the availability of  Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, AWS, GCP services, knowing that you save while maintaining the maximum functionality you need. You can learn
packages yourself, subscriptions, browse a whole bunch of comparisons and you can ask us for consultation, it can be done by an ordinary user and an IT system administrator who has other things on his mind than optimize purchases and learn thousands of price list items. We will advise and if the customer wants, we will sell the right product adequate to the needs, specify the dates and methods of payment, subscription duration, resource reservations to get additional discounts.


Cloud Services for Business


Server Cloud Administrator

When deciding to choose  private cloud services or Azure or AWS, you certainly assume that the system prepared for you will work long and failure-free. This wait can be directed to the equipment, which will certainly not disappoint you, and if you use the appropriate hardware repairs.

However, dedicated systems are server systems tailored to you and your applications, which means that these systems change over time with the surrounding reality, application expansion, system or application update, increasing performance expectations. Ensuring all these conditions is met only if you use experienced administrators. We build the entire infrastructure, servers, networks, security just so that your business applications can work quickly, efficiently and safely. Ensuring all these parameters requires the work of engineers.

Nowadays, when there is a fashion for private or public cloud services, not all companies can migrate all their resources to external DataCenters. For example, production plants are not able to do this, although they can migrate mail or file systems to the cloud, but production systems basically have to be in place, the same is true for diagnostic devices.

Efficient hybrid cloud management is a very advanced process, combining private resources with resources stored in the cloud, it is many aspects of security, convenience and work possibilities.

Public cloud computing providers are modern platforms that provide the following services:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service)

The largest providers of public cloud computing are in Lizard’s offer:

  • Amazon, which sells its cloud computing products under the AWS brand, i.e. Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft, which sells its cloud computing products under the Azure brand
  • Google, which sells its products under the GCP brand, i.e. Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Services

  • Planning projects and investments to be implemented by selecting the best elements and cloud computing provider
  • Migration, configuration and implementation of elements and services needed by the customer from the public cloud
  • Optimize subscription resources and monitor consumption costs
  • Administration of systems placed in the cloud, ongoing care and care of systems, response to failures and other problems arising when using services from cloud computing
  • Integration of cloud computing with on-premise systems  , i.e. construction of hybrid computing clouds
  • Administrative work, monitoring, updating of elements of used systems
  • Administration of the security of the services used
  • Hybrid management and administration

Cloud Services for Business - do you have any questions?


Which cloud solution to choose for your business?

Our experience shows that all three of the world’s leading cloud computing service providers have  many advantages, it all depends on your individual needs, expectations and what we really have to achieve. The choice can be difficult, especially if you are not a specialized professional in the evaluation of this type of solutions. That’s why we know how to do it and we will help you choose what will be best for you.

Cloud solutions – advantages

Entrusting your data to a professional IT company is the key to success. The implementation of cloud solutions in the company requires the highest quality and attention to every detail. Modern IT solutions will ensure system and data security, and you will be able to focus on business.

Why should you migrate your data to the cloud?

  • lower cost of maintaining data in the cloud compared to maintaining physical servers,
  • network and system security – ensure the security of company data and prevent attacks,
  • data backup – restore backups efficiently thanks to tailored backup services,
  • High performance systems
  • efficient data flow
  • System and Network Control

Planning and offering cloud solutions

  • Performing an audit of current solutions and future needs, defining the goal,
  • Development of the concept of solution optimization,

  • Planning implementation,

  • Offer for specific solutions, technical design.

Migration to the cloud – scope of work

  • Offer for specific solutions, technical design,
  • Technical implementation of the selected concept based on hosting domains, applications, racks, virtual servers, physical servers,
  • Virtualization of old and new environments based on VmWare and Hyper-View,
  • Implementation of a migration project or launching new services,
  • Technical work, configurations,
  • Backup of the solution.

Documentation and acceptance

  • As-built documentation,
  • Security policy,
  • Procedures,
  • Instructions.

System maintenance

  • System administration,
  • Network administration,
  • Cloud administration,
  • Basic administrative activities relieving local IT,
  • Manual and automatic system monitoring,
  • Patch implementation plan,
  • Advanced systems administration aimed at delegating all administrative activities to Outsourcing,
  • Transferring specific IT administrative activities, e.g. backup, networks, into management.
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