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WEBCON BPS – a comprehensive low-code solution for electronic document flow and digitization, automation and management of business processes.

WEBCON BPS helps companies work more efficiently, make better business decisions and generate savings from better process management. Thanks to business applications built on the platform, organizations can constantly optimize their processes, automate repetitive tasks and get rid of paper – effectively using IT technologies to support existing and implement new business models. Thanks to the automation and digitization of processes, companies introduce a new quality in everyday operational activities and management of their business. In the era of digital transformation, it definitely makes it easier to gain a competitive advantage and maintain the position of market leader.



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According to The Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester, implementing WEBCON BPS allows organizations to accelerate business processes by up to 87%. That is why WEBCON BPS is already used by over 500 companies and corporations around the world, including Siemens Finance, Link4, Societe Generale, Tauron, Energa, LPP, OTCF, Media Markt, TERG, Raben, Nowy Styl Group, Man, CEDC and Warbud.
WEBCON customers estimate that with WEBCON BPS they are able to address more than 90% of business needs and scenarios with a single platform – from simple, operational support to complex, mission-critical to business continuity.
With all solutions built within a single Unified Application Delivery Platform, IT can instantly launch new projects using existing resources. At the same time, it is possible to completely skip the phase of searching for and selecting suppliers, purchasing and negotiating contracts. At the same time, the architecture of the company’s IT systems is greatly simplified, and – thanks to standardization – employees quickly learn new applications and benefit from digitization.
The unique properties of the platform allow for rapid prototyping of solutions, which affects not only the quality of cooperation between the business and the system integrator, but also the speed of delivery of new solutions. What distinguishes the platform from other software of this class is also the proprietary InstantChange™ technology. It enables instant changes with immediate effect, at any stage of the application lifecycle, making development and adaptation to changing needs extremely simple and fast.
The success of the platform is based on business benefits, consistent focus on the development of one product and a team of professionals with many years of experience in the implementation of projects and creating IT solutions for the largest players on the market. Every day, the WEBCON team puts their knowledge into the platform code, turning their clients into leaders in digital transformation.
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Electronic document flow, digitization and automation of business processes

WEBCON BPS is an integrated low-code platform of the BPM (Business Process Management) class, which allows you to effectively manage the flow (workflow) of tasks, information and documents and significantly speed up and optimize business processes of the company.

The implementation of the platform is associated with a number of benefits for the organization – these are,


  • Shortening the time needed to complete processes, which allows to significantly reduce their cost;
  • Increase in the quality of work, as a result of the elimination of human errors when performing simple, everyday, repetitive activities;
  • Standardization of processes in the company based on developed best practices, which guarantees that tasks will be performed in an optimal way, by the right people, in accordance with current procedures;
  • Better insight into processes to make better business decisions;
  • Streamline workflow by automatically assigning tasks to the right people and notifications informing employees about them;
  • Respond faster to changing market conditions and manage changes in operational procedures more effectively.
WEBCON BPS Deisgner Studio Interfaces

Standardization and perfect fit

WEBCON BPS allows you to create standardized solutions (so-called business applications) perfectly tailored to the current business needs ( as opposed to so-called box solutions). At the same time, it provides significantly lower costs of delivery, maintenance, development and modification than classic custom-written systems.
The combination of a huge range of functionalities, speed of solution delivery, standardization and flexibility of the platform means that solutions created with WEBCON BPS will precisely respond to business needs and the introduction of modifications and ongoing maintenance will be trouble-free.

Easy change management

The platform uses the unique InstantChange™ technology, which in practice enables instant (i.e. cheap!) introduction of changes in solutions – regardless of whether they are minor CR (Change Request) modifications or large changes related to the evolution of business needs or reorganization of the implementation of specific processes. Changes can be made “live”, without the need to restart or go through the reinstallation procedure, and what is particularly important – at any time in the life cycle of the application (even after it is launched in a production environment).
Better cooperation between business and IT

What also definitely distinguishes WEBCON BPS from other business process automation and management solutions is the fact that it has been designed to improve communication between IT and business users. Its individual elements have been created in such a way that the business easily understands the created application and can participate in the process of building it on an ongoing basis. We call this the Citizen-Assisted Development approach.

Extensive integration capabilities

Comprehensive business process management requires multi-level integration with existing company systems. When all systems work harmoniously, data is coherent and unified, information is not duplicated, and is optimally used and coordinated. WEBCON BPS’s extensive integration capabilities make it easy to connect your IT environment into one. The well-thought-out integration engine enables easy integration with any IT systems, global and local, standard and tailor-made, including: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV (Navision), EGERIA, E-sender, enova365, ERP Optima (CDN Optima), ERP XL (CDN XL), IFS, Microsoft Graph, Pohoda, SAFO, SAP, SIMPLE. ERP, Symfonia ERP or TETA Constellation.

Versatility of use

With WEBCON BPS, users create more than 90% of all the business applications they need. They can automate both simple, basic processes related to everyday operations, as well as those even the most specific or critical for business. These applications often determine the competitive advantage, the quality of products or services, and the satisfaction of end customers. An integrated and comprehensive platform avoids the purchase, implementation, customization and maintenance of up to a dozen different solutions.

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In practice, WEBCON BPS helps you optimize:

– single supporting processes (e.g. circulation of cost invoices, contract flow or business trip settlement) –
work of individual departments (e.g. HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing or Administration)
– processes specific to a given industry (e.g. Financial , Production or Pharmaceutical)



WEBCON BPS invoice

The clear and intuitive interface allows easy access to the list of tasks, issues and documents. Thanks to its versatility and architecture that allows to handle thousands of users and millions of documents, WEBCON BPS becomes the basic application platform and process backbone of the entire organization in companies.

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Why and when should you implement WEBCON BPS in your organization?

  • Do you want to streamline processes, reduce operating costs, get rid of paper and better coordinate tasks? 
  • Is your goal to implement the assumptions of digital transformation through digitization, standardization and automation of business processes?

The implementation of the WEBCON BPS platform to handle document workflow and support business processes will allow you to achieve these goals, as well as provide a number of measurable and tangible benefits for many people – on several different levels. Many of them are unique to this particular solution.

Benefits for Business Users:

  • An authentic “paperless office” guarantees trouble-free access to all necessary documents, data or e-mails – from anywhere, at any time;
  • Digital forms enforce the correctness of the data entered. Intelligent workflow automation reassures users of compliance with applicable procedures and best practices;
  • All applications that are created within the platform are standardized: they have a similar interface and behave, which makes business users quickly learn new solutions and quickly start to reap the benefits of digitization;
  • Employees can focus on performing more valuable tasks from the point of view of the organization, instead of wasting time on repetitive, tedious tasks that can be easily automated.

Benefits for the Management Board:

  • Automating tasks or optimizing them for costs saves money, time and staff; 
  • WEBCON BPS gives you a holistic view of processes across all departments, divisions and locations. Reports and analytical charts are more readable, allowing executives to track progress and identify emerging issues; 

Automation and standardization facilitate the implementation of best practices in every trend (ISO, ITIL, Lean, Six Sigma, etc.).

Benefits for IT:

  • A unified application platform, which is home to several dozen or even several hundred applications supporting business, is from the IT perspective just one system that requires maintenance and management, and thus a significant simplification, ordering and optimization of the architecture of the company’s IT systems;
  • One platform is one set of maintenance competences and reduction of personnel risk, This minimizes the risk of shadow IT in the  company;

WEBCON BPS is a trusted tool that allows IT to respond immediately to business needs, without having to constantly search for new box solutions; quick IT response to business needs most often leads to the elimination of shadow IT.

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WEBCON BPS enables fast, easy and iterative delivery of (tailor-made and flexible) IT solutions for business – without coding. The functionality of the system includes, design and automation of workflow, forms, digitization of documents and OCR. Ready-to-use mobile apps and add-ons for Office earn the gratitude of end users, and a well-thought-out engine allows easy integration with any IT system.

“Implementing WEBCON BPS has allowed us to avoid the approximately $1.17 million in costs that would have awaited us if we had to purchase, implement and maintain alternative, ready-to-use solutions available on the market to automate individual processes.”

“(…) We have significantly accelerated the implementation of all processes, solved, the issue of overdue cost invoices on desks and timely payment. As a manufacturing company, we still remember the times of introducing new products to the market, when the procedure from the moment of inventing the technology through calculating costs and collecting all the necessary approvals took months. Right now, it’s happening almost instantly.”

“At the moment, we have one common BPM platform for all files, which fits perfectly with both the CRM implemented using low-code tools and subsequent processes that we plan to extend our system with. Thanks to this, it will be possible to access documents and manage information about all our contractors in one place.”

“Certainly, the automation of business processes helps in acquiring and retaining customers. Showing that we are an organized company, focused on processes that are structured and transparent, allows us to trust and believe that we will take care of their processes professionally and manage them in an equally transparent way.”

The unique InstantChangeTM technology enables quick (and therefore cost-effective) changes with immediate results, at any stage of business application delivery – even after production deployment. Therefore, you reduce the risk of projects, easily develop and adapt business solutions – in accordance with the dynamics of needs, new initiatives and changes in the organization’s environment.

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