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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server

The use of external software to manage e-mail footers guarantees us:

  • Professional image of a person and a company

Using special software to define footers in e-mail, we also gain:

  • Standardization of footers for the entire company – everyone has the same logo, the same content, legally required elements such as NIP, etc.
  • The ability to send personalized footers for a given recipient of our e-mail, or by sending to a given company, e.g. to all our contractors the same, but to the Tax Office different.
  • The possibility of using the footer as an advertising and marketing space, where you can place content important to convey to our clients.


Our partners

Email footer for company employees 

It is known that Outlook software has manual footers, you can diversify them and manually decide each time what footer we send. Only that certainly in routine activities we will simply forget about it.

Our tool can watch over such parameters and adjust the footer to the recipient.

Unify signatures in email

The same means that we can work out the best solution both in terms of appearance and graphics as well as in terms of content. Decide for our employees when and what footer should be sent.

Microsoft Exchange for business


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