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Remote helpdesk

Remote helpdesk, i.e. a service provided remotely by specialized helpdesk employees.

Each customer receives:

– dedicated phone number for our telephone service

– a dedicated e-mail address to which the Customer can submit their Applications

– dedicated access to the SPOC System – notification system in Lizard

To provide a remote helpdesk, Lizard prepares:

– procedures for conduct, instructions for action in specific cases for a specific Client.

– a list of persons authorized to report cases and a list of persons covered by the service

The service is provided on the basis of collected and developed documentation. 

The service is provided using specialized TeamViewer software, AnyDesk, providing us with a secure connection and via VPN.

All credentials needed for connections are collected in a dedicated system with secure access and encrypted


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Remote helpdesk for business


Remote helpdesk - do you have any questions?


We dedicate the Remote Helpdesk service to a very wide audience. Currently, our clients are just as small companies of several people located in one location as large, multi-department companies with offices, warehouses and sales representatives throughout Poland, Europe and the world

We can provide a remote helpdesk service ….. everywhere.
It does not matter where your employees are in Poland throughout the European Union and the UK and in the world.
If they work in an office or branch, we will go to them, if they are mobile, we will provide them with remote assistance, if they are “too far away” we will also serve them, and not only remotely.

At what time we provide the remote helpdesk service depends only on the client’s requirements and contractual arrangements.
All variants are possible:
7:00 – 15:00
8.00 – 16.00
8.00 – 21.00 on weekdays.
24/7. Of course, also taking into account time zones.
And others to be determined

We provide the remote helpdesk service in the following languages:

  1. Polish
  2. English 
  3. German 
  4. Russian
  5. Ukrainian
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