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Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL is one of the most popular products, database management systems. It is part of almost every Microsoft system that processes data.
The stability and flexibility of this solution is very wide, due to the fact that it has a free version for the smallest and least demanding users, of course with limitations and very large installations of many clusters supporting data management for large corporations, stores, etc.
The database is a rather complicated structure, which is managed by MS SQL, its operation requires the appropriate selection of products, equipment or infrastructure on which it is to work so that the data is available in the shortest time. Database systems, including SQL collect an infinite amount of data of various kinds, so several aspects of its use are important:

  • Completeness and consistency of data
  • Data availability
  • Data security
  • Data Backup
  • Data management in accordance with the GDPR
  • Data archive
  • Data presentation and reports
  • Data exchange with other systems , Interface

All these aspects require the work of our experts and proper implementation and maintenance is crucial for running a safe business and customer service of your company.


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Microsoft SQL is the best known and very popular database management product
It is constantly supported by Microsoft and as the flagship product of this manufacturer is constantly improved and verified and all errors and vulnerabilities are removed
Queries to the database directed from the level of SQL queries are the standard of teaching at universities
The widely used standard means that there are a lot of applications using MS SQL in every area of business life.
It is possible to purchase the product in the form of monthly or annual subscriptions, per user or per core processor, which is an opportunity to significantly optimize costs.

Microsoft SQL for business


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