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Certified IT experts at Lizard have high competence in the planning, implementation and administration of IT systems. Our experts will help you choose the right solutions to optimize the operational capacity and security of your IT system.


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Microsoft 365, MS Azure Expert

As part of the third line of support, you have at your disposal certified engineers in the field of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure technologies. The best professionals, working for your company, will quickly recognize your needs and provide the necessary knowledge in the field of planning, implementation and administration of these systems.
A common scenario is , a scenario that starts with a migration from another environment to a professional and reliable Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure. You need to think about this process and plan it and then carry it out, especially since it is usually not creating everything from scratch, but moving a large amount of mail and other elements from other mail systems. Nothing can be lost, everything must run without downtime. The guarantee of such conduct is the experience of Lizard engineers.
After migration, you should maintain the target system and administer it according to best practices, taking care of its condition, availability and security.
Lizard engineers will choose the right products for your needs and ensure that your business is guaranteed to operate without unnecessary interruptions, failures or intrusions made by cybercriminals.

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Microsoft Serwer Expert

Microsoft server is the largest and most versatile, and thus the most popular server platform in the world. It includes, among others, Microsoft Server, Microsoft AD, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange. Maintaining such an environment is not easy, a lot of information about the operation of systems floods system logs, constantly updates improve and protect systems against security vulnerabilities but their implementation causes many technical and organizational problems.
Up-to-date system knowledge and rapid response to adverse events, failure removal and daily administration by experienced and Microsoft-certified engineers ensures that risk is reduced to the lowest possible level. The specialized tools used by Lizard allow for quick action and support Lizard engineers in their daily work.
To ensure peace of mind and full control over events in your IT system, carry out these activities by commissioning them to us


Expert Linux

Linux is an open platform on which you can implement in an efficient and flexible way a lot of functionalities, for which you have to pay dearly from other manufacturers.
Although Linux is “free” and almost everyone is a home-grown expert in its configuration, in practice it turns out that this openness, flexibility and full freedom in configuration by random administrators can cause more trouble than good and ultimately higher costs of continuous configurations and repairs than buying a standard server system. In order not to lose these undoubted advantages of Linux and its flexible configuration, we propose to use our experienced Lizard engineers who operate on the basis of internal standardization procedures, produce as-built documentation and run the program of administration, updating Linux systems.
Linux does indeed generate low costs provided it is well configured and well administered.


IT Network Expert

Computer networks belong to one of the most complex elements of IT infrastructure. The IT network includes such elements as switches, UTM, Firewall, Wifi, Controllers, APs.
Such elements are responsible for the availability of the network for the end user, the comfort of his work through, for example, the speed at which data can be exchanged through it, resource security due to the fact that an intruder can also connect to the network.
All these aspects make network administration a basic element guaranteeing access to resources stored in the cloud. Everyone somewhere connects, downloads, saves, huge amounts of data are transmitted through physical wiring, fiber optics or wifi in a public area. Neglect or ignorance in this aspect can be the cause of many small and large problems.
Certified Lizard engineers, thanks to hundreds of implementations and configurations, can guarantee that the system will be properly designed taking into account bandwidth, security and other aspects that the user or recipient of services has no idea about.
We best plan, implement and administer networks based on Sophos, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Fortinet, Mikrotik, Aruba, HPE, Meraki, Juniper and many others.
We also build cable and fiber optic networks, as well as Wifi in offices and shopping centers
We provide Internet connections as a telecommunications operator.
We provide Voip solutions


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