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Phish Threat

sophos phish threat security training

Reduce your largest attack surface 

Attackers relentlessly target organizations with spam, phishing, and advanced socially engineered attacks, with 41% of IT professionals reporting phishing attacks at least daily. Your end users are often an easy target and the weakest link in your cyber defenses. Keep your users – and business – safe with effective phishing simulations, automated training, and comprehensive reporting from Sophos Phish Threat.

Information security is only as good as your weakest link 

Phishing is big business. Attacks have shown record growth in recent years, with 66% of malware now installed via malicious email attachments, and advanced spear phishing attacks costing businesses an average of $140,000 per incident. Users continue to be the easiest target for attackers in the cybersecurity defenses of most organizations, but an army of trained, phishing-aware employees can provide you with a human firewall against these threats. Sophos Phish Threat emulates a range of phishing attack types to help you identify areas of weakness in your organization’s security posture, and empower users through engaging training to strengthen your organizations defenses.

The freshest campaigns 

Simulate over 500 realistic and challenging phishing attacks in a just few clicks. At Sophos, our global SophosLabs analysts monitor millions of emails, URLs, files, and other data points each day for the latest threats. This constant stream of intelligence ensures user training covers current phishing tactics, with socially relevant attack simulation templates, covering multiple scenarios


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Effective training modules 

Over 60 interactive training modules will educate users about specific threats, such as suspicious emails, credential harvesting, password strength, and regulatory compliance. Available in a choice of 10 languages, your end users will find them informative and engaging, while you’ll enjoy peace of mind when it comes to future real-world attacks

Comprehensive reporting 

Understand your organization’s security health and demonstrate real return on investment with intuitive dashboard results on demand. The Phish Threat dashboard provides at-a-glance campaign results on user susceptibility, and allows you to measure overall risk levels across your entire user group with live Awareness Factor data, including: 

– Top level campaign results 

– Organizational trend of caught employees and reporters 

– Total users caught 

Testing coverage 

  • Days since last campaign 

Drill–down reports will give you deeper insight into performance at an organizational, or individual user level. The included Outlook add-in provides users with the ability to report simulated attacks right from the inbox – allowing you to track true awareness at the inbox, providing new insight into your organization-wide security posture.

Phish Threat is part of Sophos Central 

Available to your entire IT organization through a single pane of glass, Phish Threat is part of Sophos Central, our cloudbased unified security console. This means no hardware or software to install, and you benefit from the only solution enabling the management of phishing simulations and user training, alongside security for email, endpoint, mobile and much more. You get a single, up-to-date, Sophos-hosted platform that’s simple and intuitive. 

Getting started is easy 

Sophos Phish Threat is conveniently run entirely through your web browser. To ensure Phish Threat emails are successfully delivered, simply whitelist the IP addresses provided in your Sophos Central console along with the email addresses and domains used in your Phish Threat campaigns. Then simply import users, either via CSV file or using the handy Active Directory synchronization tool. Once your users have been uploaded, you’re ready to send your first campaign.

How to buy? 

Priced per user with bands from one to 5,000-plus, Sophos Phish Threat’s single license type keeps things simple, with unlimited tests per user, so you can focus on protecting your users – and business – safe from today’s advanced phishing attacks.

Phish Threat for business


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