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Local helpdesk

Local helpdesk, i.e. a service provided by Lizard on site at the customer’s site anywhere Polish.
Remote helpdesk is carried out by a specialized helpdesk employee on site at the Client’s headquarters.
The service can be provided in two modes:
– visit to the call with a specific response time;
– on-call visit, permanently defined;
Local visits are aimed at direct contact with the Client’s employees and removing failures that cannot be removed remotely.
The local helpdesk service is provided in the following billing options:
– per hour
– full-time

Who is the local helpdesk service for?

We dedicate the local Helpdesk service to a very wide audience. Currently, our clients are just as small companies of several people located in one location as large, multi-department companies with offices, warehouses and sales representatives throughout Poland, Europe and the world. The local helpdesk service is carried out on site at the customer’s site.

Where do we provide local helpdesk services?

We can provide a local helpdesk service ….. in the location where we have our posted employees and partners. Thanks to cooperation with our clients, the network of our capabilities is growing day by day, so ask us where our IT specialists are today and where they will be tomorrow.


Our partners

At what time we provide the local helpdesk service depends only on the client’s requirements and contractual arrangements.
All variants are possible starting from 8.00 to 16.00 through 8.00 to 21.00 on working days, our work can be carried out on call at the occurrence of an incident or in established fixed duties, to choose eg 2 hours on Wednesday and Friday or 8 hours on Thursday, or maybe the whole Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
It’s up to you.

We provide the remote helpdesk service in the following languages:

  1. Polish
  2. English 
  3. German 
  4. Russian
  5. Ukrainian
  6. Czech
  7. Slovak
  8. Romanian
  9. Hungarian
  10. Bulgarian
  11. the list of supported languages changes quickly – ask if your language is not listed.

Local helpdesk for business


Local helpdesk - do you have any questions?


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