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IT helpdesk – IT support for companies

IT Lizard helpdesk customers can count on comprehensive technical support and assistance in solving problems with the current functioning of the IT infrastructure.

IT Helpdesk is a unique service that helps the company develop and not waste its own resources on time-consuming IT problems. At, we offer effective, fast and affordable IT assistance for both small and large companies.

Helpdesk IT 

  1. quick correction of IT errors
  2. without unnecessary formalities, the order comes immediately to the person dealing with a given IT issue
  3. access to paid software as part of outsourcing
  4. access to high-quality specialists in operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac), computer networks, hardware and more
  5. High productivity every day


Our partners

IT support for companies

IT support for companies is an ideal solution for enterprises that do not need a holistic IT support. Thanks to technical support, you can optimize costs by outsourcing specific tasks to an external IT company.

Of course, support is provided by IT specialists, thanks to which during consultations we will propose a range of services tailored to your needs.

The scope of our service concerns such areas as,

  1. Operating systems
  2. Office applications 
  3. Microsoft 365 communication platforms , Google Workspace
  4. Connection configuration
  5. VPN
  6. Application support
  7. Software updates and patches

The service covers both desktop devices (PCs) and mobile equipment: laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Access to helpdesk services is available to customers from all over the country, including all the largest cities in Poland, 

As part of the cooperation, we provide both on-site assistance and remote support using specialized TeamViewer software.

IT support for companies in our offer

  1. support in configuration and management of operating systems
  2. Remote employee training and software installation
  3. keeping a log  of repairs carried out and detected problems for management
  4. assistance in operating IT equipment such as: computers, mobile phones, tablets, network cards, UPS servers,
  5. Testing new settings and improvements
  6. IT infrastructure design
  7. e-mail support
  8. Application support
  9. Software support

We encourage you to use our IT support service for companies.


IT helpdesk – IT support for companies


Helpdesk – maintaining IT environment

Helpdesk is a helpdesk responsible for maintaining the reliability of the IT infrastructure in the enterprise. The goal of the service is to quickly solve problems occurring in IT and work environments – in person or remotely. Advanced helpdesk is a multi-level system in which consultants respond to the most common errors and defects. In more complicated cases, they forward the application to the next level specialists.
In the dynamically developing IT sector, IT helpdesk is one of the key areas of service provision. The efficiency of the support system largely depends on how quickly the correct operation of individual applications, devices and often entire networks will be restored. For this reason, the choice of service should be properly thought out.

Outsourcing helpdesk

Although the IT industry is developing most dynamically in Warsaw, Krakow or Wrocław, as well as in other large cities such as Katowice or Poznań, the need for professional and full technical support also applies to smaller centers. That is why Lizard specialists address their services not only to the largest metropolises, but also provide them throughout the country. Remote or local helpdesk provided by our experts will allow you to quickly and efficiently deal with both typical and the most non-standard problems in the operation of computer devices, peripherals, software or corporate networks.

Our services are also available in the EU, UK

Find the help package best suited to your individual needs! Order a service designed especially for you and enjoy instant troubleshooting. Find out how many benefits helpdesk outsourcing provides. Direct the processing capacity and competences of your employees to activities that will help you develop your business in a real way, and leave everything related to maintaining the reliability of the infrastructure to us!
Helpdesk a Service desk
IT helpdesk is often confused with service desk. The tasks of helpdesk employees often include simple and efficient tasks, while the service desk offers access to solving more complex problems. It is worth emphasizing that the service desk covers a much wider scope than the helpdesk.
To sum up, IT helpdesk assistance works more in the field of disaster repair, while Service Desk works more autonomously holistically, in accordance with the client’s business expectations. Service Desk also requires much larger staff involved in the task, which may increase the costs of such a service.
Service desk as an advanced helpdesk service is also provided by Lizard.

IT support for companies - do you have any questions?


We dedicate the IT Helpdesk service to a very wide audience. Currently, our clients are just as small companies of several people located in one location as large, multi-department companies with offices, warehouses and sales representatives throughout Poland, the EU and the UK

We can provide helpdesk service anywhere. It does not matter where your employees are in Poland throughout the European Union and the UK.
If they work in an office or branch, we will go to them, if they are mobile, we will provide them with remote assistance, if they are “too far away” we will also serve them, and not only remotely.

At what time we provide the remote helpdesk service depends only on the client’s requirements and contractual arrangements.
All variants are possible:
7:00 – 15:00
8.00 – 16.00
8.00 – 21.00 on weekdays.
24/7. Of course, also taking into account time zones.
And others to be determined

We provide the remote helpdesk service in the following languages:

  1. Polish
  2. English 
  3. German 
  4. Russian
  5. Ukrainian
  6. Czech
  7. Slovak
  8. Romanian
  9. Hungarian
  10. Bulgarian
  11. the list of supported languages changes quickly – ask if your language is not listed.
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