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Microsoft 365 Intune migration, deployment, administration

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Microsoft Intune is a service provided by the Microsoft cloud.

It consists of mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM).

With Intune, your organization can control how mobile devices are used. Allows you to configure policies to control applications.

On work devices, it allows you to separate a personal zone, while on personal devices it helps to ensure the protection of your organization’s data and isolate your organization’s data from personal data.

Microsoft Intune manages:

  • Applications
  • Identity
  • Devices


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Microsoft Intune Benefits

With Microsoft Intune, you can:

  • define the appropriate level of security in your company
  • in one organization, manage corporate and personal devices while maintaining a predefined level of security
  • operate in a single environment for managing mobile devices with Android operating systems. MAC/iphone, Windows.
  • manage users and identities, policies for individual users and groups
  • Implement unified policies by group of users, devices, or applications
  • implement security integrated with packages such as Microsoft Defender
  • Leverage an integrated mobile device management experience from a single admin console

Additional Microsoft Intune capabilities :

  • integrate with other solutions such as TeamViewer, Samsung Knox, LANsweeper and many others
  • deploy unified applications, not only Microsoft,
  • Manage Google Play Store
  • manage certificates and tokens for iOS and macOS devices
  • make an inventory of mobile resources and computer stations
  • Use automatic and supervised update for mobile devices and computers regarding operating systems and installed and allowed applications
  • use features such as Autopilot, Configuration Manager and more
  • integrate your smartphone or computer fully with the advanced features of Microsoft 365 using Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Onedrive and more

Microsoft Intune for business


Manage systems with Intune

To simplify the work and comfort of users, Microsoft Intune can automatically distribute to mobile devices and computers:

  • VPN configuration for external, remote users
  • configuration of the Wifi network for users inside the organization or a specific location
  • enabling single sign-on for services dedicated to you and in your applications
  • Windows Hello implementation
  • implementation of the MFA mechanism – multi-factor authentication
  • implementation of Microsoft Authenticator, but also other suppliers, including Google

Microsoft Intune – data security on mobile devices

Intune also plays a part in keeping your data safe:

  • If your mobile device or computer is stolen, you can erase all the data stored on it
  • takes care of creating and following login rules, certificates
  • It allows you to enable conditional access depending on where we connect from, who connects, what we connect to
  • extensive reporting of events in the system covering your mobile and computer devices
  • Intune is an MDM class system, i.e. one that allows you to manage mobile devices and is also a MAM system, i.e. a system for managing mobile applications.

Intune can integrate with Samsung Knox, also with free software included in Samsung flagships, thanks to this integration we can, for example, shorten the installation and migration process, we can block access to the phone without authorization and its resale after theft, we can verify the policies and conditions of operation of the device by going through the KNOX cloud at the level before loading the operating system.

LanSweeper software can create a complete database of all objects in the network, thanks to integration with Intune, you can combine the data collected in the network with data collected in a distributed environment by Intune and additionally, e.g. Azure AD and have in one database, constantly verified the ownership of users or organizations

Although this Microsoft software we have far-reaching capabilities to manage mobile devices with Microsoft, Android, iOS.

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