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MDR Rapid Onboarding

sophos mdr 24 7 managed protection

Fast-Track Your Managed Detection and Response Service 

With Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Rapid Onboarding, your organization works with a remote team of deployment engineers to accelerate the onboarding process including mass deployment of agent software.

24/7 Threat Protection, Detection, and Response

With the speed of attacks increasing, stopping active threats quickly is becoming more important than ever before. But few organizations have the right tools, people, and processes to effectively manage their security programs around the clock and proactively defend against emerging threats. With Sophos MDR, our expert team stops advanced human-led attacks. We neutralize threats before they can disrupt your busiess operations or compromise your sensitive data. Sophos MDR is customizable with different service tiers and can be delivered via our proprietary technology or using your existing cybersecurity technologies.

We detect more cyberthreats than security products can identify on their own.

Our tools automatically block 99.98% of threats, which enables our analysts to focus on hunting the most sophisticated attackers that can only be detected and stopped by a highly trained human.

We investigate and take action on your behalf to stop threats from disrupting your business.

Our analysts detect, investigate, and respond to threats in minutes, whether you need full-scale incident response or help making accurate decisions.

We identify the root cause of threats to prevent future incidents.

We proactively take action and provide recommendations that reduce risk to your business. Fewer incidents means less disruption for your IT and security teams, your employees, and your customers.

Sophos Solutions z Lizard

Lizard is a Sophos Platinum Partner. Our experts provide professional support in the selection of an antivirus program and help in the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the purchased solution.


MDR Rapid Onboarding for business


MDR Rapid Onboarding - do you have any questions?


Fast Onboarding

MDR Rapid Onboarding expedites the service setup process and deployment of Sophos MDR agents to ensure you’re protected as soon as possible. We can develop a replacement strategy and regularly communicate with your in-house network administrators or security operations team.

MDR That Meets You Where You Are

Backed by six global security operations centers (SOCs), Sophos MDR provides 24/7 coverage. Let the Sophos MDR operations team execute full-scale incident response, work with you to manage cyberthreats, or notify your internal security operations team any time threats are detected

Sophos MDR Integrations

Security data from Sophos solutions and third-party sources can be integrated into Sophos MDR to expand visibility across your environment, generate new threat detections, and improve the fidelity of your existing threat investigations. Visit Sophos MDR or the Sophos Marketplace for more information.

Sophos MDR Rapid Onboarding

Key Features

MDR Rapid Onboarding provides onboarding assistance through the Sophos Professional Services organization. They offer hands-on support to make sure you can get up and running quickly and efficiently

Same-Day Licensing

MDR Rapid Onboarding accelerates the traditional PO process with same-day licensing. We issue an MDR license the same day an order is placed. Once the license is deployed in Sophos Central, we can deploy agents immediately.

Next-Day Deployment

After a license has been activated, we begin the deployment process the next business day. Our service team uses removal utilities to replace existing products and automation tools for mass deployment of agents across your network. We work with you to optimize your Sophos MDR agent’s health and ensure best-practice configurations are in place to optimize performance and speed up threat detections and investigations.

Expedited Handoff to MDR Team

Once the license is activated and MDR agents have been deployed, threat detection and response services begin immediately. Our threat analysts start to receive alerts and can run queries and investigate any indicators of compromise.

Leading Threat Intelligence with Sophos X-Ops

Our Managed Detection and Response services include 500+ experts across threat intel, analysis, data engineering, data science, threat hunting, adversary tracking, and incident response. Staffed in 6 global security operation centers.

Sophos MDR Security Operations Analysts

Our managed detection and response analysts discover indicators of compromise (IOCs), find new ways to hunt for threats, and identify new attackers and adversary groups.

Sophos AI Data Scientists

Sophos Artificial Intelligence produces breakthrough technologies in data science and machine learning to assist human operators in identifying and responding to advanced attacks and sophisticated adversaries.

SophosLabs Researchers

SophosLabs’ world-leading threat research capabilities provide deep analysis of malware, attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures, malicious files and URLs, and IOCs.

Security Professionals

Sophos X-OPS provides unparalleled insights to show CISOs and frontline operators how threats are built, delivered, and operate in real time, revealing the full attack picture.

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