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Wasabi Cloud Storage

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What is Wasabi Cloud?

Wasabi is a revolutionary, modern cloud technology that enables users to store an almost unlimited amount of data affordably. Wasabi represents a new approach to cloud data storage. Wasabi is the world’s affordable, fast, secure, and reliable cloud storage. The latest cloud technologies ensure high data processing performance. All types of file repositories seamlessly integrate with Veeam solutions.

Implementing Wasabi with Lizard

Lizard is a partner of Wasabi, and as such, we often recommend Wasabi as the primary data storage medium on the network. This solution is highly flexible, and object-based data storage allows for a reduction in fees based on the amount of data stored, while the absence of transfer fees makes it a professionally viable solution at a very attractive price for most applications. Years of presence in the European market and data centers within the European Union enable data storage in compliance with GDPR regulations.



80% cheaper than AWS S3

No exit fees

No fees for API requests


Faster than the competition

Fast uploads and downloads

Private network options


Data center redundancy

Data persistence 11x9s

Immutable storage

Compatible with Veeam Backup

Advanced protection

Backup and Data Replication

Large amounts of data

Wasabi – cloud for your company


Cheap Cloud Wasabi

Object storage in the cloud is perfectly suited for handling additional workloads, such as backups. Companies are increasingly turning to object storage to store data that requires more frequent access to resources. Cloud object storage provides the ideal combination of price, performance, and security.

Wasabi’s high performance and straightforward cloud cost structure with no charges for outgoing API calls make it the ideal cloud storage for application needs, regardless of the chosen cloud computing service provider.

When choosing a cloud solution, you should consider a variety of factors, so please contact our specialists to get a full understanding of cloud solutions.

Wasabi Solutions

Wasabi, as an affordable, fast, and reliable cloud, is ideal for a wide range of applications.

  • Multi-cloud storage – Amazon S3 storage backups
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Big Data and IoT – a cloud for fast processing of large data volumes
  • Compliance – Wasabi meets cloud data storage requirements
  • Multimedia files – efficiently stores even extensive video libraries

Wasabi for business


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