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Hybrid administration

Hybrid administration. Lizard administrators have appropriate knowledge in the field of implementation, maintenance and administration of hybrid systems, i.e. those that combine the features of systems located at the client’s premises with resources stored in the DataCenter and cloud computing such as Microsoft 365 or Azure.
Such systems are very popular, at the same time very complicated and in order for such a system to be trouble-free for your company, it should be well administered.
Administration of such a system is nothing more than server administration, network administration, Microsoft 365 cloud administration, Azure cloud administration , DataCenter administration.


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We administer a kind of hybrid of our clients’ systems, which in today’s world can simultaneously be located at the customer’s headquarters, in a private cloud in DataCenter or other customer location, a public cloud such as Azure or AWS and in the Microsoft 365 cloud, this conglomerate of services, services and equipment, licenses must be combined into one system and effectively administered so that your company can work efficiently and safely.

You do not have to blindly follow market trends to have a modern, safe and functional IT system. It is obvious that production plants, laboratories are not able to operate without machines on site. That is why we offer hybrid systems, i.e. a combination of modern technologies, often cloud, with the traditional on premise model.

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