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IT systems administration

We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of providing IT solutions and administration of IT systems. Our offer is a response to the modern needs of enterprises that need constant access to common resources and care about their security. Regardless of the industry in which your company operates and what your expectations are regarding IT support, we ensure that we meet all needs.

IT Administration with Lizard

Today, when most data is stored on disks and in the clouds, backup seems like a necessity. Cooperation with us in the field of IT systems administration will make you able to work faster, more efficiently and, above all, safer. You can concentrate on your business and leave the responsibility for the smooth functioning of IT systems to us. Guarantee:

  • optimal use of all possibilities and potential of IT systems,
  • stable and continuous service,
  • competitive price conditions,
  • a flexible form of cooperation (ad hoc or long-term assistance),
  • Professional technical advice, based on current knowledge and solutions in the industry.

By deciding to outsource in the area of IT administration, you can significantly reduce the costs of IT support for the company. How is this possible? You do not need to hire qualified personnel, provide them with modern jobs, take care of constant development and training.
We are professionals. By outsourcing the maintenance of IT systems to us, you can concentrate completely on development, while we take care of the smooth functioning of the technical facilities.


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Management of IT systems – scope of services

Management of IT systems in our performance includes a number of services related to security, stability, liquidity, updates in accordance with applicable standards. To be precise – the scope of our competences is,

  • making backups – data, applications, systems,
  • management of network services – HTTP, DHCP, AD,
  • configuring databases,
  • sale of software,
  • IT consulting consisting in support in choosing optimal solutions or solving current problems in the area of IT.

We offer comprehensive outsourcing, i.e. total or partial takeover of the administration of IT systems in your company. We provide these services for companies from all sectors that operate in the network, as well as store and archive data electronically.

We invite you to contact us so that we can advise you on the best cooperation option, present a cost estimate and the benefits that cooperation with us will bring you. Continuous and comfortable work, safety, improved efficiency are just some of them. Our clients really feel the positives resulting from entrusting IT services to an external company. Lizard is a modern business partner you can trust!


IT systems administration


Information systems are currently one of the basic activities of our company, we have the appropriate knowledge, experienced IT specialists with numerous certificates. Our IT systems management offer is a great choice for all companies that want to effectively optimize technology operations through better planning and management. We will choose the right plan for you and your business.

In our offer of IT systems management we offer a wide range of services such as:

  • installation of hardware after software maintenance,
  • software updates and integration of new programming systems,
  • technical support of IT systems in the field of optimization,
  • solving technological problems,
  • professional outsourcing of IT services in accordance with the company’s needs,
  • integration of new programming systems,
  • professional support in creating a business strategy,
  • designing IT systems to adapt them to your needs and scale of business,
  • providing flexibility to existing IT systems through continuous modernization,
  • offering a secure approach to network security through end-user education,
  • monitoring of data stored in IT systems.

Customers cooperating with us, using our  services, can take advantage not only of the technical expertise of our IT specialists, but also flexible IT or infrastructure solutions. You also get the opportunity to receive professional outsourcing of IT services tailored to individual business needs. All this makes the offer of IT systems management with a great proposition – it is a really solid support for companies that care about effective work and optimization of business results.

IT systems administration - do you have any questions?


IT administrator at

At, we offer professional administrator IT services that can help your business optimize its technology operations. We offer a wide range of administrative services to help you develop your IT systems and adapt them to current needs. Aimed at providing high-quality services in is based on a perfect understanding of each customer’s existing systems and business processes and full technical support during the installation and configuration of hardware or software.
Who is an IT Administrator at An IT administrator is a person who provides IT systems management services. He is responsible for the installation and configuration of hardware and software, as well as for technological support in the process of optimizing existing systems and creating new technological environments. The IT administrator also offers a wide range of services to help companies create business strategies by improving their existing processes and operational optimization. In addition, an IT administrator can provide monitoring and reporting tools and approaches to network security and end-user education. If you are looking for such a specialist, please contact us.

Database management and administration

Work with database software to store, organize, as well as manage data in the company.

  • Troubleshooting database functioning.
  • Maintaining the database at the highest level of availability, updating and optimizing them.
  • Assistance in the design and management of databases.
  • Providing access to data and meeting the requirements of individual departments.
  • Constant cooperation with developers, IT specialists, project managers, as well as technical staff and other key employees.
  • Ensuring the security and integrity of data in the company through backup.
  • Archiving of personal, corporate and other data.
  • Creating reports, documentation or manuals.
  • Work in relational database management systems PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access etc.

Database Administrator

A database administrator in a company is an important position responsible for the maintenance, maintenance and updating of a company’s database systems. Since a database administrator is responsible for the secure storage, integration and protection of information, it is important that they are properly qualified. Professionally performed work of a database administrator is a guarantee  of IT security in the company. As specialists in IT systems management, we offer professional consulting and database support in your company. Feel free to contact us.

You will be surprised how much! Everything is simple on marketing leaflets, but in life, in order for your system to work properly and safely, it must be administered daily, looked after and updated!

You will be surprised how much! Connecting a device to a network is indeed easy, but who will be able to secure efficient VPN connections, who will protect your company from Cybercriminals and provide secure IT services? Only well-administered network systems.

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