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Updating IT Systems

Lack of up-to-date systems is asking for trouble. We know that this is difficult and risky in the eyes of many IT specialists. There is a belief that when it works, do not touch.
However, nowadays, the lack of updates is a huge risk of hostile encryption, data leakage and many other problems.
Lizard engineers perform continuous updates of operating systems, servers, mobile devices, backup systems, antivirus systems, business applications.
We have procedures and methods.


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What kind of IT systems are updated?

  1. We update the firmware, BIOS of servers, disk libraries and others,
  2. We update all servers Windows, Linux, database systems including MS SQL, MS Exchange,
  3. We update LAN devices and routers and firewalls, WIFI network elements,
  4. We update applications.

When you do this, the system has to work 24 hours a day?

The success of updating IT systems is that special procedures are developed that provide for a special sequence of actions or actions that allow the use of redundancy of some elements of the system, such as AD controllers. Sometimes you need to set service windows that fall at different times, and sometimes at night.


What tools do you use to update?

Depending on whether these are networks, Windows or Linux servers, we choose the right tools. Systems such as Sophos or Cisco have their own high-quality consoles. Where there are no such tools, we support ourselves with third-party products, as in the case of Mikrotik.

We upgrade Windows and Linux using dedicated Microsoft and MenageEngine tools.

Updating IT Systems for business


Updating IT Systems - do you have any questions?


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