IT service for Your Company

Lizard can provide comprehensive IT services, we manage your IT system as if you had your own IT, just better check – Conscious IT choice.

We serve users locally and remotely, administer servers, virtual machines, databases, applications, e-mail and content, creating a dedicated group work environment for you.

We know how to do it!

IT support for companies is:

  • help for a company which – as in the case of a full-time employee – does not have to pay Social Security (ZUS) or other contributions, which will not take a holiday (urlop),
  • IT care time tailored to individual needs – flexible hours, reports and reports on all IT activities,
  • Providing a cost-effective offer for IT hardware and software,
  • convenient financial conditions.

These are just a few examples of the advantages of IT services we provide. We already have extensive experience in this type of orders and have gained a large group of satisfied customers. While dealing with the IT service of companies, we keep up to date with all kinds of technical innovations, which we also introduce to our customers.

IT Outsourcing

IT support for companies are operating in Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Katowice, Cracow and other Polish cities means comprehensive technical support on our part. By ordering this service, customers no longer need to call in any other specialists. Our team will deal with every defect and every challenge posed by IT solutions. The IT service we offer is primarily a flexible adaptation to each customer.

Added value of ITO services

Thanks to ITO services your company achieves additional values, which are not available when you have the so-called in-house IT.

The advantages of IT outsourcing:

  • reduction of costs, as salaries, social security, pensions and sickness insurance are reduced as the number of jobs decreases,
  • The company also does not bear the costs of holidays, upgrading of staff qualifications and, above all, the costs of maintaining its workplace,
  • entrusting a part of the company to a group of professionals who with their knowledge, skills and experience overwhelming our employee,
  • We will achieve greater stability of care of the entrusted assets and organizational functions of our company – no dependence on illness, holidays, child care,
  • the possibility of using experts with extensive experience and expertise whose employment would be too expensive and unreasonable,
  • A contract with an outsourcing company is more than the employment of a single professional. A specialist directed to cooperation with a company uses all the knowledge accumulated in a consulting company, company databases and advice from other experts,
  • the possibility of bypassing the job lock. When performing the work, the specialist uses the workstation, instrumentation and software of the outsourcing company,
  • more efficient use of working time. In contrast to a hired employee, a company works in outsourcing when there is something to do. It does not count overtime, and if necessary, it also works on Saturdays and Sundays,
  • easy access to the latest IT technologies, in case of IT outsourcing,
  • It frees managers from time-consuming administrative activities and allows them to focus on their core business,
  • helps to increase the efficiency of all organizational units of the company by delegating routine and time-consuming tasks outside,
  • ensures high quality of services based on previous experience and specialization of companies providing the services in question,
  • It can reduce your investment significantly because you pay for the service and you do not have to invest in infrastructure. In any case, there is no need to immediately and permanently engage the company’s capital in the sphere serviced by outsourcing,
  • The risk of technology aging falls on the shoulders of the outsourcing company,
  • the opportunity to access the latest technological developments,
  • telephone support, the opportunity to use benefit from the latest developments in the field of transmission of ICT services, etc.
  • concentration of resources on the strategic objectives of the company,
  • focusing on the company’s skills that give it a competitive advantage,
  • high quality guarantee,
  • access to modern technologies and know-how, i.e. knowledge and skills at the highest level,
  • IT savings.

Outsourcing IT helps in:

  • minimising the number of jobs,
  • the conversion of personnel costs into outside service costs,
  • in the change from fixed costs to variable costs,
  • improving financial liquidity,
  • improving the company’s financial result,
  • freeing the company’s energy towards its core business.
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